How to keep your relationship fresh

How to keep your relationship fresh like when it first started

Hello guys, we all know that starting a relationship could be a beautiful thing. Yup, I gotta tell you, it’s almost as sweet as Chocolate toppings on a strawberry flavoured ice-cream…hmmm….yum!! However, along the line, it seems as though all of its sweetness is gone and all that’s left are scraps from the lines around the ice-cream cup and we are most times left wondering, where did all the sweetness go???? 

Today I’m gonna be sharing a few tips as to where it could seem that all that sweetness went and how to bring them back or retain them so they never leave in the first place. In simple terms, let’s figure out how to keep your relationship fresh and hot!

  • When it seems that you and your partner are getting a little too rough on the edges, all the pet names and lovey dovey moments are gone out of the window, first thing to note is that this is absolutely normal. Yup, it is. You are two different people with a life,( jobs, family et al) However, nothing kills a relationship much more than getting ‘too busy’ for the one you say you love. Now, take a moment and remember (guys especially) how you would fully load your phone (battery and airtime wise) so you could call that babe you’ve been eyeing, ask about how exactly her day went, the exact thing she was doing at that moment, etc. good… now snap out of that remembrance and grab your phone. You don’t have to stop being Prince charming all cause the BABE has now become BAE. Common now that’s just mean.
  • It has been scientifically proven (don’t ask me which scientists biko) that ladies tend to ‘let themselves go’ after they get into a relationship with the guy they think is ‘the one’. Yes, I know…..been there, done that. In my case, my prince charming had to bring it to my notice that falling in love with me started when he first saw me smile but I had gotten so busy with being super-woman-praying-partner that I had forgotten to smile. Now, not every guy would have done that, he could have just looked ‘the other way’ and I would be busy binding ‘strange-women’ when I had myself become a strange person. So, please ladies, never let go of the one (or more) thing(s) that just makes BAE’s day, aii?? Deal?? Thanks……
  • This point, a very important one. OVER-PROTECTIVENESS… this is the deal guyz, I mean the real deal, she said Yes to YOU not him, not them, YOU, if that don’t mean something to you, boy, I don’t know what will. Seriously dear, he/she chose you out of many others, I think that’s enough reason to LET ‘EM HAVE SOME BREATHING SPACE. This is the place of trust in a relationship, I mean I don’t see how it’s a relationship if there’s no trust. Really….so, pulizzzee work on that..
  • Focus on the positive: For real people, everyone’s got their good and bad sides, and being in a relationship with you isn’t going to suddenly change him/her. So, here’s what you do, FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE. Always consciously choose to see the strengths of your partner and focus on them leave the negative in the dark. Don’t utterly shut your eyes to the negative but FOCUS on the positive.
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That’d be all for now, till I come your way again, be good… be nice… Love

Tell me what you think in the comments section below. Do you agree with my opinion on how to keep your relationship fresh? Have I said too much? Just let me know your mind.

Thank you.

I am Cee-Y…Scribbling for GLOWVILLE



  1. Nice tips. I particularly like the part where you have to remind your partner about how you fell in love in the first place. Nice way to start on glowville. You are welcome Cynthia.

  2. My favourite is the part where one has to focus on the positive aspect. I agree wit u sis.
    And ur words r simple and precise. Also, thanks for d pinches of jokes-made the long article look short.
    Can’t wait to read d next one u’ll write

  3. Nice one Cynthia, I think am guilty of been over protective, n will work on that. Can’t wait to read ur next.

  4. Insightful! it rings with truth, very practical and easy to relate with. We really musn’t be complacent with keeping the spice in our relationships. thumbs up girl. I love your sense of humor.

  5. Nice one cynthia…straight to d point…lucid..
    Keep ’em coming..

  6. Waoooo CY this is really nice. Keep it up.

  7. Awhhhh
    This is cool

    Focus on the positive..!

  8. I love this … straight on point

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