How to deal with a nagging partner

How to deal with a nagging partner

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It has overtime been assumed that women constantly ‘nag’ about pretty much anything and everything, but recently the feminine folks have reason to believe that ‘the bros’ are not left out. So today we’re gonna be looking at how to deal with a nagging partner. Forgive me if the post comes out sounding like I’m defending ladies… what can I say? I’m a lady myself…lol.. Seriously though, I’m gonna do my best at being as objective as possible. enjoy…

Let’s start with defining what nagging is before finding out how to deal with a nagging partner. Most of the time, what men call nagging could just be a lady trying to express her grievances maybe repeatedly but really, we most likely are just trying to drive home a point. Yes, I’m a lady, trust me I know.

When your partner makes known his/her disapproval of a certain action or statement, whichever the case maybe, and repeats it over and over again, it just might be because they have not seen a change. Although, in some cases we have people who just go way overboard with expressing their views, it is at times like this that we have a ‘nagging’ partner.

Now the question of how to deal with a nagging partner

  1. Stay calm and respectful: Please note, this isn’t equivalent to ‘keeping your partner quiet totally’. Personally, I do not like being kept quiet in a situation where there’s a misunderstanding and we’re trying to talk about it. That’s an absolute NO NO…
  2. Simply say sorry: Now here’s the deal, you’d be better off saying nothing than giving an apology you don’t mean. That’s just unfair and would only fuel the fire. Say sorry, promise to be better and mean it.
  3. Try not to nag right back: It is easy, very easy to nag right back. When your partner’s pissed and it’s starting to get you angry too, do your best at keeping your emotions in check. Try not to lose it because it could cause you to nag right back.
  4. Walk away from the situation: now this only applies in some cases. Walking away from the situation isn’t equivalent to ignoring the issue or your partner. It’s supposed to be a temporary break especially when the situation’s getting heated.
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Finally but most importantly, understand your partner. This cannot be over emphasized as the afore mentioned cannot work for everyone in every situation. We are all different and unique in our own ways hence we shouldn’t expect that what works for A would work for B.

I hope you had a nice read…

– Cynthia Omo

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