How my client became my wife


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I am sharing this story because there is an important lesson to be learnt in it, beyond the fact that love can be found anywhere. We need to understand the fact that getting better at what you do brings about a lot of positives to your work, your life, and those around you. This is the story of how my client became my wife.

A few years ago, my company was at a low in terms of sales and we were exploring every means of getting back on track. As a marketing executive, I had explored all the tricks I learnt in school, and the ones I had learnt on the job, but things didn’t exactly improve. I needed to do something drastic and also help my company. After doing a little soul-searching, I realized training was an essential need; learning new tricks borne of out current market trends, and the nature of our evolving customer base might just be what I need to turn things around…alas, it was!

I embarked on a three-week training, and learnt a lot which got me excited and ready to face the job again with renewed vigor. My first client after the training is the reason I am sharing this story. 

I met Rachel at the Mall at Onikan, and after a brief introduction of my service to her, we exchanged numbers and I promised to call her later. Armed with lessons learnt from the training, I was able to impress her so much, she patronized us and gave me up to 10 other referrals of people who needed my service. It was a remarkable turnaround for me, and I was indeed grateful to her. 

We became friends, called each other a few times every week and had lunch on some days. What I didn’t realize early enough was that I had not only marketed a service to Rachel. I had also marketed myself as a worthy young man, deserving of the purest love in the world any woman can give.

She was also impressed with the way I went about my job, my drive for success and many other things she hasn’t decided to reveal yet. I may do an update of this when she does. But to cut the long story short, it took us a few months to finally admit that we were no longer clients or business partners, we were in love. 

I got married to Rachel last year, but I will never forget how my client became my wife. 

– A. Tosan.

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