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How I met Caro, and why it had to be her!

I’m a spontaneous somebody; an euphemism for more often than not, I act before I think through. Don’t give me that eyes. I survive on my intuition.

So I was just being me the day the idea crossed my mind to start this column on GlowVille blog. I was indulging in one of my vices when the idea toyed with my mind. Luckily my phone was handy.

I messaged Caro.

“I’m thinking of starting so so and so.”

Walahi she just said something like “have fun and do you”.

The next day I chatted Olumide up and here we are.

This is a big deal for me. This is liking putting my relationship out there. It’s like subjecting my partner and I to vulnerability. But this is also what I’ve always wanted; to live my life like a movie. And Caro was the only babe crazy enough to join me on the ride.

I hope sharing our moments with you here would help to bring lessons as tips we all can find useful in becoming better persons in our relationships.

I am not going to pretend modelling your relationship after ours would work for you. In fact, I’d bet on it won’t. We have different relationship goals. And we are all different people. For example I am dating a crazy girl, even though everyone sees me as the lunatic between us.

Like a Facebook elderly friend commented when I unveiled our picture online for the first time. “Beautiful woman and a crazy man”  I was taken aback. I could have sworn the picture contained at least one handsome man and a crazy girl.

In our relationship, we have violated almost every known sentimental relationship tips like we are on to break a record or something.

How it began from me.

Immediately I broke up with my ex, I was on a lookout for another relationship.

I have denied myself a chance to be another woman’s pride for so long during my struggle to graduate from school. I had few ladies I could have sworn would welcome me with open arms even though they knew about my previous relationship.

These ladies were my first point of call. But there’s this lack of sense that comes with being a Nigerian lady. The harder you form to get, the bigger your ego and his chance of valuing you. Arrant nonsense that has become an unspoken tradition.

The first lady was from Ondo and all I needed to do was remind myself I’d never wished to marry from Ondo. The second lady…my fair abroadian. I don’t know. She likes me. But not enough to make up her mind already. I suspect she wanted some time. Not to decide if she’s game but to put an healthy distance between my former relationship and the one I wanted with her. Who send her, aproko? I couldn’t deal. Not that I mind but it only reinforced my conviction that we won’t work. She is orthodoxy all the way and I am a fucking non-conformist. I needed someone crazy.

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Ending up with Caro makes me believe that we are what we confess.

She was less than 6 months on my timeline and three weeks until I slid into her inbox, I was not conscious of her presence. I was out with friends and we were drinking. I was busying myself with her gallery as I had been doing for the past few days. Emi clinical striker! *pounds cute chest*.

Started from a hi now we’re here.

God bless that girl for me. She brought us here sooner that I could imagine. It was too good to be true.

This made me once ask Caro why she agreed to date me and she said she saw potentials.

Well, I only saw a hot babe, that’s all. I never saw a potential partner. I just followed my instinct as usual.

Two lessons already: You don’t have to develop a narrow mindset before going into a relationship. And how long you hold a man’s proposal has no bearing on the longevity and the solidity of the relationship.

Many have also asked. Why Caro?

It could have been any other girl. I had or gave the impression I had bevy of them. And for a guy that daily harp on big bress and fair girl all over his Facebook timeline, it is a wawu Caro is neither busty nor fair. The mystery is as confounding to my Facebook friends as it is to myself.

Maybe we all shall unravel it together in the next edition of Caro and I.

Have a blessed weekend and don’t miss Saturday’s edition for anything.

We are in this together.


Ogbeni La

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  1. We are all in this together. We love gists, we love prying into other people’s lives, it’s wrong and so we often deny it. Yet, it satisfies our curiosity….

    This is an opportunity to laugh and learn.. Let’s go

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