How I lost him

How I lost him just when we should be getting married

It’s never easy to lose people, it’s even harder when they are your loved ones. The worst experience (which I do not pray for anyone) is to lose that special someone you seem destined to achieve great things together. 

I met Olakunle in my ND days. He was way older than me, and was very much established. He often traveled out of the country to visit his siblings who were all based there. And whenever he returned, he always had special gifts for me, much to the envy of my friends. Within three months of meeting Olakunle, I was no longer having any wear in my wardrobe that was bought in Nigeria; everything was bought for me by my ‘sent-from-heaven’ friend. 

Rumors flew around campus that I was a ‘runs’ girl and Olakunle was a ‘Yahoo-boy’, even my friend who knew the real story went about peddling their own version – saying I charmed him and made him answer to every of my desires (which included washing my undies). I became the talk of the campus, and was soon uncomfortable moving around. I was in a world of my own, against the world. All these made it easy for me to give Olakunle an emphatic YES when he asked me out. I didn’t have to think about it the second time, afterall he was my only companion.

But just when I was beginning to find solace in the one true friend I had, something catastrophic happened.

Olakunle was in his aunty’s villa at Abeokuta one weekend. He had called his friends over to have fun, and they decided to have a swim within the compound. According to his friends, Olakunle was initially reluctant about swimming – he was not yet an expert – but the excitement created by his friends got to him and he decided to join in the fun. He dived into the pool, and never came back up.

The news got me in school that my dear Olakunle is dead. I didn’t wake up until several hours later. I am still recuperating from the shock, after three years.

I know I will eventually move on, but the pain is still fresh in my mind. Olakunle was going to propose to me at the end of my ND program, but death broke us up when the relationship was at its sweetest. He will always live in my memory, till we meet again. 


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– T.A

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