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How fashion gifts can improve your relationship

Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person adorns himself or herself. Love on the other hand is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection. What connection can fashion have with love? Kunbi of Kunbiworks is set to unravel this mystery.

Fashion tells a lot about a person’s taste, it defines personality and personality reflects in whom one decides to love.

Fashion aids love in as much as there is a bond between two people. Buying fashion gifts in form of accessories for one’s partner could have very deep implications. If the accessory were a hand bracelet, it is often taken as a sign of commitment on the part of the giver.

Furthermore, if the wearer has the bracelet on at all times, it communicates acceptance of the giver and also functions to let preying eyes know that the wearer is committed to someone.

An added advantage is the fact that the wearer gets to think more about the giver since the bracelet is always on. It is even more appreciated when both parties have matching designs of hand jewelry with each other’s name on it. Your apparel also attracts and tells a lot about you, if you are the kind of person who pays so much attention to what you wear and how people see you.

We asked some of our esteemed customers whether a gift of jewelry from their lover can endear them to each other. We found out, from the responses, that most of the people who are freaks about beads and Jewelries will love to have it as gifts from their partners. Some of the responses were:

“I will love it if it’s an expensive one especially if it’s a matching one with his own male version”.

If I receive such a gift from my lover, it will endear me to him because I know he must love it to get one for me”.

“My partner loves handmade bracelets so much, he felt good and special when I got one for him”.

Your partner is extra fashion to you. Having Jewelry from him/her and wearing it around simply means carrying a part of your partners love with you everywhere you go”.

“A handmade bracelet as a gift is very significant because it makes me feel remembered and cared for by my partner”.

We at Kunbiworks believe in love and use fashion accessories as means to celebrate love between couples. Jewelry made by us are either with beads or gemstones are top-notch and are geared towards complementing the wearer’s look.

Find some of our works below:

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