How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

Let’s consider this: Your partner makes your day when he (using the male to represent both sexes) smiles and you love every minute you spend with him. The only flaw that he has is that he is rather egoistic and proud, acting like he’s always right and won’t back down in an argument. You love him, so what can you do? Can you manage a proud partner?

How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship

How can you manage a proud partner in a relationship?

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Emmanuel Oladayo“By being humble. To make a wrong right you must be right, let your life reveal humility and soon he will see your light, though it may take time but long-suffering is part of the fruits of the Spirit, nevertheless be sure you have a sure foundation, the relationship must be Spirit led”

Babalola Oludare“You cut off the wings!”

Adebanjo Abiodun“Pray for him because it is a spirit”

Enwongo Cleopas – “Take him to T B Joshua. Not too many stories :D”

Oguche Francis Friday –  If married you don’t have an option other than to bear and carry your cross with patience. If dating, there is room for rethink.”

Olanrewaju Olubukola“I personally think he/she should just leave that partner if he/she is the type that can’t handle pride. It’s better, or let me say safer that way.”

Awe Olaleye“Fasting and Prayer na him sure pass o. Specific prayer point should be, Oh Lord break this my partner to pieces!”

Nwemeh George“Manage ? I can’t deal with a proud partner….we can’t roll.”

Patience Mamman“One thing about pride is this..It has its roots in insecurity and low self-esteem. If married, you can study your partner patiently and see where this is coming from and see what you can do to help that person’s insecurities. For an unmarried you can also do same but if the person isn’t willing to change your can say good-bye especially if you won’t be able to cope with it. That’s my two cents contribution.”

Onyenemerem Ikechukwu“Being proud is an attitude and it can’t be easily stopped. It’s like an involuntary action..You have to be able to mange the situation, be patient enough to work on it. You should also love, knowing that no one is perfect and there are some better positive traits he/she possess. If on the long-term, nothing changes, please quit.”

Ojumu DolapoIf you want to manage a proud partner, let the proud partner be aware that he/she is proud in a polite way ( although they won’t accept it). You must accept and don’t try to change him/her (you can’t change anyone though). Be humble and patient. Inflate their pride (give the proud partner the chance to express him/herself). Don’t criticize them (if you do, you will cause more trouble). But if you are not yet married and you are sure u can’t cope,please ruuuuuun, abi fly sef.”

Iyiola Omolola “I simply can’t deal with a proud partner..haa. Most of them usually have anger problems alongside their pride. Mio lemi wahala rara.”

Binbol Wilson“Show her by example the profitability of being humble”

Jennifer Haastrup-Arowoiya“There is always a thought, a feeling, a belief, an expectation, a disappointment that gravitates towards pride. These factors should be carefully researched and discovered in other to tackle pride in anyone. I used the word research because a lot of times, the root cause of pride goes way beyond material possession and so careful analysis needs to be done. Above all, I also believe that pride is also a spirit as someone has mentioned earlier.”

Adetayo Oladele – “From experience, what I always did then was that I  rehearse his action before he acts it. He suddenly becomes conscious, brags less and we get along well. Most importantly, we talked about his pride; by virtue of his position(1st born), he had gotten used to going scot-free. It’s not easy though, you will have to endure a lot of quarrels & argument to break down a proud partner.”

Busari Peter“A proud partner? Didn’t the Bible say ‘pride goes before destructions? Why should l learn how to cope wt someone pressing a self-destruct button?”

Onwuchekwa Abiola-Edith“Pride? run! But if one is already in the marriage, press ignore button. And sometimes, tough love could reboot the person’s mentality.”


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