female yoruba demon

How a female yoruba demon left my heart shattered!

Yoruba demons are not only males. Evidence has proven that we have Female Yoruba Demons too, and my latest experience with Jumoke, my former colleague just totally confirms it for me.

This is my story with a Female Yoruba Demon who initially paraded as an angel; the next best thing after chocolate.

How it all began…

We were working in the same company. I was in the Quality Control Unit while she worked with the Client Service Team. I started noticing her during one of the company’s bonding sessions where she was reserved and would not join in the fun.

Characteristically of me, I engaged her in a conversation and that was how we became friends. Somehow, we became close and always enjoyed each other’s company during break. Sometimes, we stay back after work to talk before going home.

Along the line, I realized I was developing feelings for Jumoke, but the company policy didn’t support so I kept it to myself. I however kept the friendship going, albeit on a very casual level.

Soon, I noticed that we started drifting. We spent less and less time together, and soon stopped talking totally. I kind of felt it was due to the pressure of work. But I didn’t bother since I wasn’t going to be allowed to date her due to company policy.

Settling into a relationship with a female Yoruba Demon

During the Christmas season that year, we somehow got matched for gift exchange. It was purely coincidental, but it served as a catalyst to bring us together again. Although it was against the rules, but I secretly went to her to let her know it was her name I picked in the gift bag. Surprisingly, she had also picked my name. It was really funny and we had a really good laugh about it.

We both agreed on what to buy for each other, and even went shopping for the gifts together. From then, we never looked back on our friendship. We got closer and started talking even more than the first time. It didn’t matter to me anymore what the company policy said. I was really into Jumoke and just gave my all to her.

Soon, we started having dates outside the office. We had a couple of hangouts, and attended events together. I couldn’t care how much it cost me, I was committed to making Jumoke happy. The relationship blossomed; she was my perfect kind of girl. I dreamed of the future with her and was ready to go all the way. There was no way for me to have suspected she was a female Yoruba demon.

It was so good between us that some members of staff knew what was going on but kept it coded. A senior management officer once teased me about it, and advised me to start seeking employment elsewhere if I had plans of marrying Jumoke. The company would have one of us resign from its employment if we were to get married. And for me, I was ready to lay down my job for my damsel. Little did I know that it was all in my head. Jumoke had other plans!

Realization point…

After some time that we had started ‘dating’, I decided to raise the issue of taking our relationship to the next level with Jumoke. When I asked her what she thought about my proposal, she said she would think about it and that I should give her time, which I did. But to my surprise, after a few weeks, Jumoke came to me and told me that she’d been in a serious relationship with someone else all the while.

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According to her, she thought we were just having fun. She didn’t expect that I would be taking the whole thing serious. I was shocked to the bones!

Jumoke went on to demand that we end the relationship with immediate effect as she no longer felt safe with me, since I had started to talk about long term. Her original relationship was too sacred to give up. She begged me to forgive her and let go.

I was ashamed of myself. It was difficult for me to tell my colleagues who knew about our relationship that I had just been played by a lady. Somehow, I started to lose focus and it was telling on my job. Each time I saw Jumoke after then, I developed a sudden fever. People soon started noticing that something was off between us, but we both lied that all was well.

Moving on from the heartbreak.

Over time, I had to realize that it was not wise for me to continue in that situation. Luckily for me, I was invited for an interview by one of the firms I had earlier submitted my CVs to (during the period I thought I would be Jumoke’s husband). I got a new job and that was my escape from Jumoke, the first female Yoruba demon I met in my life.

Took me several months to fully flush her out of my system, but I did eventually.

Jumoke proved to me that the concept of Yoruba Demons is not exclusive to guys, we have female Yoruba demons that are far worse. I am hoping that a lot of guys out there who have had similar experience will come out to share to let the world know about how they have been dealt with by a female Yoruba demon.

The most heart shattering part of my experience with Jumoke is that when I accosted her for doing what she did to me, her answer was that I did not ask from the beginning, and she didn’t bother to tell me. To her, we were just having fun. I found it ridiculous, but my lessons have been learnt.


Does anyone here have a similar experience with a female Yoruba demon?  Please feel free to share.


As sent in by Kayode. O


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