His Money or His Care?

His Money or His Care: Which will you go for?

It’s not just a vox-pop or opinion poll this week, we are doing a ‘preference poll’. You are meant to just let us know your preference of the options set before you. The angelic Olubunmi Mabel will be wielding her magic wand yet again with another knotty poll. His money or His care, which will you go for? Enjoy this one and leave your comments. 

Which of these BOOs do you prefer:

1. One who gives you more than enough food allowance, but doesn’t lift a pin in the house.

2. One who gives meagre food allowance, but is actively involved in housekeeping.

Rule: Choose one. Don’t add to the options.



Olumide Lawrence – He doesn’t need to do stuff in the kitchen if he can pay for all the help you need there. He should just keep his bedroom game high cos that’s his home stadium. The kitchen is the home stadium of his wife.  I go with ONE.

Ilugbo Adebanjo Abiodun – I am going with one because after she has eaten anything her heart desired, she should have strength to do the house chores!

Jesulayomi Olayinka Olobayo – I choose 2, believing God to increase him to do more. Most importantly is that we are both involved in the family chores.

Bukky Aragbaye – Na who six packs epp. Abeg, I follow #1.. if the chores too much for me to do, I go hire handy hands on part time…. 😀

Oribamise Grace Oluwaseun – I cannot come and turn workaholic oooo because of marriage, I am a wealthy Madam too in Jesus name. I prefer number two baje baje.

Josiah Opene-Terry – The ones that picked number one are not yet whole. The ones that picked number two, are whole and they understand that marriage without intimacy is co-habitation. The help you hire with the money soon becomes qn unsolicited help in the areas she wasn’t employed for.

Roseline Udoh – Who are we kidding here… No. 1 of course! ‘Money answereth all things’. I will use his money to get all the assistance i need in the house. No matter how helpful a man is around the house, if he is not bringing much to the table, very soon his very presence will begin to irritate you. Any woman that has ever dated a broke ass guy before can relate to what im saying.😃

Naya Ononiwu – I guess you can’t have everything because even some who give meagre allowance don’t help in the home, so I would choose number one and if the work is too tiring, I employ help!

Adekemi Abimbola Adeniran – I will go for No 2….Not for him to really get involved in the chores but giving a helping hand would do.Simple thank you and well done will also work for me.I think it strengthens relationship.

Over to you guys, which do you prefer? His money or his care? 1 or 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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