My Boyfriend Flirts

HELP!! My Boyfriend Flirts Too Much On Social Media.


I’m 22 and have been with my boyfriend for a year. He has lots of female friends and always posts comments on their photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – like, ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Sexy’. He never does the same on mine. I’m now a bit obsessed with his page and too embarrassed to raise it with him. What should I do?

GUYS!!! Let’s help her out. What’s your advice for the lady?


Meanwhile, we have some advice from experts here. please read and endeavour to leave yours as well.

Determine whether the ladies he flirts with are actually gorgeous and sexy before you do anything. If they’re quite ordinary-looking girls whose self-esteem needs a constant boost, perhaps he sees it as his role to cheer them on. Gangs of friends have similar group dynamics to families: somebody is the bossy mummy, someone else the spoilt baby, shy little sister, etc. Maybe he feels like big brother to a bunch of diffident wallflowers who need his support. But if they are all rather jealous-makingly good-looking girls whom he obviously fancies, you need to get over your embarrassment and start fighting your corner.

Isn’t the wonder of social networking that you don’t have to raise it with him? You can run whole sections of your life, organise events, even have arguments with people, without ever having to address them directly. Under some of his more explicit comments reply, ‘save those compliments for me, please!’ or ‘You’ll have me worried he’ll be running off with you soon!’ If you’re worried about looking aggressive, adding a smiley face at the end instantly makes any comment inoffensive (though, it can also make you sound as if you’re 12).


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  1. I tink u should talk 2 him first,if he actually is playing “big broda” 2 d ladies,he shud try playing it wit d guys 2. If he doesn’t change, U shud start playing “big sister” in ur own accounts or pages.

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