he was a player

“He said he was a player, and I was just a victim of his game!”

When I read this story, I was surprised, not because this kind of story is new to me, but because the effrontery of the guy in this story seems new to me. I know about players who do not care, but to declare to a girl that she was a victim of your games is a new level to what people are capable of. Please read this story and share your thoughts with us.

This is our break up story of the week; “He said he was a player, and I was just a victim of his game!”

I met this guy in the company I did my one year industrial attachment, he was an employee in the same company, he was all I wanted in a man.

I was in love with him but he didn’t know it because we weren’t really talking except the regular greetings, even though we were in the same open office. Hence I kept my feelings to myself.

As time went on, we got talking and grew very fond of one another. He asked me out and I agreed. Although he told me that he had issues with his girlfriend but I was too blinded in love to probe further if they had parted.

Days rolled into months and my love for this guy kept growing and I thought he did love me back in equal measure. I went as far as doing some foolish things all in the name of love. Then one day, I was checking through his Facebook wall when I discovered a lady that was always tagging him in her pictures.

This prompted me to check his phone, and I read their conversations via text messages. In my shock, I confronted him and he owned up to the fact that she is his girlfriend – the one she had slight issues with when he asked me out – and that they are still very much together.

“But you told me you had issues and at the verge of breakup”, I exclaimed.

“We settled it”, he replied without any form of guilt for his action.

I was deeply hurt; I felt cheated and betrayed but I didn’t give up I was ready to do anything(not in a dangerous way) to be with him.

Since, I was now aware of his relationship he didn’t hide it anymore. He would call the lady in my presence and use endearing words much to my jealousy. I later found out that he had taken the lady home to meet his family.

In my bid to seek clarity about my position, he told me further that although he still loved me but he couldn’t leave the lady. Most shocking was his revelation, where he owned up that he was a player and  I only fell victim of his games as he needed someone to while away time with when his woman was out of town for her education as at that time. It was at that point I had to speak sense to myself that I deserve better.

I made my decision to quit the relationship. I cried it out, forgave him from my heart, wished him well and moved on. It wasn’t easy because we saw each other everyday till I concluded my IT in the company.

He is now married to the same lady and interestingly, she is my friend as we speak. I didn’t tell her about anything that transpired between myself and her husband as I would not be part to destroying his home.

God has really helped me to put it all behind me and I am grateful to him that I can relate with his family without holding any grudge or bitterness against him or his wife.

Akinleye. F

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