he loved me, I didn't love him back

He loved me so much, but I just couldn’t love him back.

This story is a bit unconventional. Slightly different from the regular Break-Up Stories we have featured on this blog. This particular one is told from the reminiscent point of view of a lady who admits her faults and takes responsibility for her actions. She let a bad impression cloud her beliefs about a guy that really loved her, and she had to break up with him before realizing how much they could have been together. 

Tiwa tells her story to GLOWVILLE and we hope our readers can learn from her.

My story takes flight from the period when I was doing a part-time job in school. 

On this fateful day, I was returning home from work with my friend when this guy walked up to me and started doing the normal ‘toasting’. Other than the fact that I was not ready for a relationship at the moment, I found it very appalling that a guy would just walk up to a lady he met on the road and demand for her number after a few vain words. My friend however persuaded me to give him my number and let us leave on time. I grudgingly did (as though I was hypnotized) and walked away as fast as I could. By the time I arrived home to check my phone, he had already dropped me a Whatsapp message.

We later got talking after a lot of initial quarrel, and he invited me for a date which I honoured. Surprisingly, he came with a friend and he asked his friend to plead on his behalf because he lied to me on our first meeting. Actually, he had told me on the day he first me that he was working in a nearby company, but the truth was that he was a student just like me. I was angry within me and wrote him off immediately. First impressions mattered to me, and I couldn’t just see myself hanging on with someone who could lie to me on a first meeting. That was a huge minus for him even though he begged me to still go out with him. 

He kept on pressing for a relationship and I did not shy away from telling him that I had no iota of love for him. It was obvious that he really liked me, but I was not into him. He begged me to give it a chance nonetheless, saying it would grow gradually. He did all sorts for me, sending me money, airtime, and gifts; but I didn’t change towards him. 

He was way older than me, and was ready to get married to me. All he wanted me to do was accept his proposal. He showed me off as his wife to everyone who cared to listen, and he was ready to take me to his parents but I refused as I was not ready for such, neither did I love him. I just couldn’t see any future with him, despite all he tried to do for me. I treated him quite badly, I acknowledge that fact. 

All through the time we dated, I did not get to know where he lived; not because he didn’t invite me, I just didn’t agree to check him at home. We only met at public places. I made sure he never knew my place too. I didn’t allow him visit me, yet he did not stop loving me and begging me to give love a chance in my heart. 

He was so bent on dating me that he bore everything upon himself; he would apologize to me even when I did something wrong to him. Yet, I didn’t feel anything for him, not even pity.

I wasn’t the first girl he would ask for a relationship. He had gone through three relationships before me, but according to him, he loved me specially and wouldn’t let me go. I tried to see if I could feel just a tingling for him, but it was to no avail.

One day, he asked me to meet him at the restaurant where we usually met. On getting there, we ate and later he asked me to close my eyes. I stubbornly obeyed and then he tried to fix a ring into my fingers. I immediately drew my hand back and told him I was not in for it. But he was on his knees already and eyes were already in our direction. I slowly returned my hand to him in order not to embarrass him and looked away as he slipped the ring into my finger. I was in distorted feelings, not knowing exactly what to do with the situation. This was a guy I do not love, asking me to marry him. 

I took the ring without giving him as little as a handshake. When I got to my room, I tossed the ring in my trolley and only wore it when I was going to see him and when I needed to scare some guys away from me. 

Eventually, after a year and a few months of trying to make things work, I called him up on phone one day and broke up with him. That was the last time I heard anything from him. 

Right now, I am in a relationship with someone else, but deep in my heart, I now realize that I really hurt him. I feel remorseful for everything that happened between me and him and I kind of think God is punishing me for all I did to him. He loved me really, but I couldn’t love him back.

Somehow, I now find my self in his position; I’m in a relationship where I love the guy more and I know what it really feels to get unrequited love. That is why I am sharing this story, to tender an apology to my ex and wish him all the best wherever he is. 

Tiwa. A

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  1. This is really touching and I felt terrible for the guy. I can imagine this cos I have been there. But in my case I had to let the guy understand on time that I was not into him as much as I try so hard. Today, we are still good friends although he still has high hopes.

    She should have completely stayed away from him from the start before it got to proposal and all sort. When a man is in love, he will move mountains to please you.

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