He lied about his age

He lied to me about his age, I had to break up

Growing up, we have been made to understand many characteristics of love. We have learnt that love conquers all things and covers a multitude of sins, but the story we feature today might give you a second thought on that. This lady broke up with her BF simply because he lied about his age! Does this mean that some sins cannot be covered by love?

Don’t play the judge yet, read her story below:

Many sins I can forgive, and I actually do, but lying to me usually breaks my heart to the extent that I find it hard to forgive. I appreciate it when you tell me the truth, and I take whatever the truth may be in good faith. 

Relationships are serious, and as such every detail of it should be taken seriously because lives are involved; not just the lives of the two persons in the relationship, but the lives of those close to them, and those that will come through them. This is why lying to your partner equals to murder! Yes, I dare say so.

I met Jimi during my service year in Nassarawa, and we got really fond of each other. He had big ideas, and we kinda had similar interests. Before we knew it we were dating, and it was going in such a rush that I had to pull brakes and made sure we were both in control. 

We talked about a lot that our relationship could evolve to, and started making plans that are geared towards getting married. I told him I was 22, and he said he was 24. He looked it, and acted it, so I didn’t have any reasons to doubt.

Things went well and after service, we relocated back to Lagos and continued our relationship. We met each other’s families and all was looking good until it was time to celebrate Jimi’s birthday. 

I visited him a week before his birthday. I was gisting with his younger sister and telling her how hard it was for me to decide what to get Jimi for his 25th birthday. But his sister was acting surprised, and in her naivety (much to my advantage) she stopped me short and told me Jimi was going to be celebrating his 22nd birthday and not 25th. 

I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe that I was actually older than Jimi, and he had lied to me for several months. More painful was the fact that I always told my friends how much I hated the idea of dating a younger man. But I didn’t know I had been dating one all along. It was a rude shock to realize that of all things, he lied about his age.

I confronted him, gave him a piece of my mind and ended the sham of a relationship without looking back. I wish him luck in his next relationship, but I am moving on.

– As sent in by Lydian.


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