He broke up because his pastor chose another girl for him

He broke up because his pastor chose another girl for him.

My last relationship started well but later led to one of the darkest phases of my life because events that transpired at the end almost made me lose my faith in God. All thanks to my mother and some good friends who came to my rescue, I would have joined the team of atheists in claiming that God does not exist. My Ex had faith in his Pastor more than his God; he broke up with me because his pastor chose another girl for him. Thinking about it now, I can’t be more grateful that it came to an end.

Kel (that was his nickname) was a good guy in all the Seven years we dated. Right from OND days to HND and after we left school, he was my one and only. My parents knew him, and I knew his siblings. I didn’t meet his parents but I spoke to his mother a couple of times.

In all our years together, we were the envy of friends and most of my own friends usually came to me for advice based on how they saw us handle our relationship. There was nothing to suggest we would not end up together.

Kelechi was brilliant, and very outgoing. Within a few months of graduating, he got a job in a multinational company and was paid very handsomely. I was in a happy place because I had my business too, and it was doing well.

We didn’t have issues until Kelechi called me one day to say he was considering going to see my parents, so we could start making arrangements to get married. It was his own form of proposal, and I happily accepted it, but he also said he would be talking to some men of God about it before embarking on the journey. As a Christian myself, I didn’t oppose him because I believed that God was involved in our relationship. I had been praying about Kel since my HND days and I had peace in my mind about him.

Kelechi invited me to his church one Sunday and he said we were to meet his pastor. I waited and we met the man. He asked me a few questions which I answered to the best of my abilities. Then he said he would be praying for us, and that whatever God says, he would tell Kelechi. I left that day without any thoughts in my mind. To me all was settled.

Two weeks later, Kel took me out on a date and told me that he had consulted some people, and that they said we were not good for each other in the long run. I asked what he meant, and he said that the men of God said we would be having issues in the future and that it was better if we break the relationship early and go our separate ways. It was a shocking news to me and I left the date angrily, hoping that Kel would call me to say he was playing a prank, but two weeks passed and I didn’t hear any word from him.

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I visited him one Sunday afternoon and met a girl in his kitchen. Thinking she was his cousin (I had met all his sisters), I asked for Kel. She asked me who I am, and I introduced myself as Kel’s fiance. She laughed and went inside Kel’s room to bring him out.  It was a very devastating moment for me when Kel said he broke up with me already and that the new lady was chosen for her by her pastor as the girl to marry. I later found out that he took a number of names and girls to meet his Pastor, and the new lady was the chosen one for him. It was very ridiculous!

I felt like slapping him, but I had to restrain myself because he would overpower me. I left crying. Thinking about how I had wasted Seven years of my life believing I had found the best of men. I started to overthink things, and was wondering why God would give me peace of heart and make another pastor see us as bad for each other in the future.

It was the darkest phase of my life, not just because he broke up with me that way, but also because the experience made me totally lose interest in everything. I just wanted to be left alone. Kel got married later and even invited me. But I thank God I didn’t carry out the evil plan I had in mind for him.

Two years later, I was able to come out of my depression and loss of faith in God. I have met another man and we are preparing to get married. This story, I decided to share, to serve as a sign that I have forgiven Kel. And that I am leaving it all to God who knows best.

That’s my break up story.

Ngozi. A 


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  1. Ngozi was not the only person kel was dating for him to have a long list. Marriage is not the be all and end all of life. Ngozi is too dramatic she wanted to severe ties with God because of Kelechi’s bad behavior . She is only happy now as she has found a new man. Men are not everything Ngozi should seek God before man

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