“I got the shock of my life when I visited my ‘BF’ unannounced”

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“You must leave my house this night!” He yelled as I stared at him, my eyes welling up all over again

“but where do you want me to go to? It’s past 10pm, I can’t go back home” I said softly, whipping my eyes with the back of my hand. “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I came unannounced I was just worried about you, about us.. I’m sorry ” I said again, for the umpteenth time that damnable night.

“I will lodge you in a hotel… You just have to leave” he said, not looking at me, not listening to my plea.

“So she can come back? I asked tiredly, it was slowly dawning on me that there was nothing I could do or say that’ll make Kelvin let me pass the night in his stupid house.

I sank to the floor miserably, crying bitterly as I wondered how we got here; how things got so bad.

It’s been barely two months since we started dating, we are so in love, or so I thought…how did things get so bad? What did I do wrong?

“Kelvin look me in the eyes and tell me you never loved me” I said tearfully.

There has got to be a way to get to his heart, this isn’t the man I fell in love with. There just has got to be a way….he picked up my tears stained face, stared at me straight in the eyes, he eyes softened a bit, more tears gathered in my eyes and where threatening to spill, he’s face softened some more, he wiped my tears with his thumb, brought his face so close to mine like he was about to kiss me, a tiny beam of hope rose up from the pit of my stomach, this is the man I fell in love with. This is the person who loves me. My Kelvin, I was about to kiss him when I heard it “Jess… I never loved you “

He dropped my face as if it were suddenly packed with lead, grabbed his phone and stepped out.

I felt a punch in my stomach, it knocked the winds off my lungs. I fell from my sitting position, totally shocked. Where’s my Kelvin? I thought to myself.. Who’s this man?. Surely this isn’t the person I fell in love with, I thought as I laid on the floor dry eyed. The tears won’t come anymore.

I got up from where I laid crumbled on the floor…I need to be strong now, I said to myself..

“where is this hotel you talked about?” I asked him when he returned. Suddenly I just couldn’t spend another second in this house.

This house that held all many beautiful memories for me, where Kelvin treated me like a queen and worshiped at my feet, where I could still hear my laughter echoing through the walls.

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“Take me to the stupid hotel!” I yelled.

“The only hotel around this place is closed for the night…all thanks to you and your stupid drama…You want to sleep here right? Fine.. Take the entire house!” he yelled and banged the door in my face.

I was stupefied… What just happened?

I picked up my phone to call the only person I know who’ll could talk sense to him. My best friend Mike, who’s also his good friend. Mike’s number wasn’t going through. I sank into the floor as I slowly banged my head against the wall over and over again, never mind that I already had a head splitting headache thanks to crying so hard.

Slowly a smile formed on my face and suddenly grew into silent laughter…not long after I was raking and heaving with laughter… Holding my head with both hands so that it doesn’t fall down from both headache and laughter… I laughed and laughed.

So my boyfriend picked a fight with me, and for almost a week he wouldn’t talk to me, he won’t pick my calls, he won’t reply my messages.. I was worried..very worried..the more I worried, the more I called, the more he ignored my calls the crazier I got. Until I made the decision to go to his house… Unannounced. Well technically it isn’t exactly unannounced because if he had picked his calls then he’d have known that I was coming over.

I got to my boyfriend’s and I find the nigga cheating his balls off.. Yup.. Dude was kissing some other girl with his eyes closed and his door open… Dude didn’t even hear me knock

I stood transfixed to the ground…watching my boyfriend kiss another woman in a way he never kissed me…and I died… I died a zillion times.

When they finally untangled themselves from each other, he saw me and was shocked… I would give that to him… He was very surprised… He told her to leave and give him time to deal with this unwelcome mess as I stood shaking from my feet up…it felt like I was dreaming.

“What are you doing here” he asked me and I couldn’t even say a word.

“Jess you’re leaving right now”


Anyways, I slept or well…didn’t sleep until 6am, got up, picked up my slippers, dusted it and strolled off.. I didn’t look back after then.



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  1. Wow! This is sad and cruel! Glad she survived the night…I hope she can move on afterwards.

  2. First time on the blog

    Am happy she moved forward
    She has to move forward

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