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How I got married within two months of meeting my husband

It is a belief in some quarters that you need to have courted for a considerable number of months or years before deciding to take the next step further into marriage, here is a story of a lady who got married within two months of meeting her man. Enjoy.

Earlier this year, I came across a beautiful series on Amanda Chisom’s wall tagged the #OurLoveStory Series where people shared the story of how they met their other half. Majority of the stories were beautiful, inspiring and had some good lessons, so I decided to share here.

Here is one of the stories that should inspire you to never give up on love. After suffering from two failed relationships, she got married within two months of meeting the right man. Enjoy her story below.


After my 7-year relationship ended in 2014 and the next one failed in February 2015, I zipped my heart and gave no more space for love. In the same month I lost my job due to lack of concentration.

In March, I got a job but it was in Ghana. I had to pick it just to clear my head.  A lot of family and friends kept gossiping and saying “that one? Na Ghanaian she go marry”, but I didn’t mind them.  

We are 3 girls in my family; my elder and younger sisters married in 2013 and 2015 respectively. I was the only one without a boyfriend or husband. 

Then came October 31, 2015 – a day I will never forget. I returned from choir practice that Saturday, and after shower, the lonely me picked my phone as usual to go through social media and sleep. Moments later, someone sent me a ‘hi’ in my inbox.  Characteristically of me, I do not respond to such messages on social media. But I decided to look up this person, and I realized that he had been sending me ‘hi’ messages since 2014 which I never replied. And since I was bored and just looking to while away time, I was pushed to reply.

After the usual pleasantries, he said “Do you know you are my wife?”. I started laughing, and told him to say something else. I didn’t take him serious, and never intended to. But we got talking further and later exchanged numbers. After then, we spoke all night.

Within 2 weeks, we had become really close. I was really excited when he announced his plan to pay me a visit in order to see my physically. I couldn’t sleep.  That very evening he saw me, he popped the big question, and I immediately said yes,yes and yes!

The next day he called his big brother and Umunna to go to my village to know more about my family, as it is done in Igbo Tradition. He left the following week to begin preparations for the wedding, while I also returned to Ghana. We planned to have our traditional and white wedding on the same day.

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I didn’t have to return to Ghana again because we needed to know spend quality time and know each other more. In April, I was able to secure another job in Lagos.
I have never been so happy in my life since I got married to my husband. Everyday is like a new beginning, he can play and yab for Africa and I love him like kilode.

Our wedding anniversary is coming soon, and I am grateful to God for making everything happen.
I just want to tell someone out there that BE POSITIVE, IT CAN HAPPEN ANYTIME.


– Concealed Identity

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