Gordian Knot Question

Can you answer this tough Gordian Knot Question?

Saturday, May 14 was the birthday celebration of Olumide of GlowVille dot net, and as I’m sure you already know, if you were not in Pizzaville on that day; well you missed a lot. We had so much fun, one fine Alhaja doing her own stuff came over to appreciate us and mentioned that she was fascinated by our gathering. We didn’t just celebrate, we widened networks (I assure you that some of Naija’s brightest young minds were on ground), we strengthened alliances we shared thoughts, and of course we saturated the entire place with love. 

So I was sitting quietly as is my custom, observing, putting names to faces and munching my samosa when the compere asked a Gordian Knot question.

“It’s your wedding day, you’re on the verge of exchanging vows when a genie shows up and gives you three options to pick from. These things are mutually exclusive. You can have any combination of ONLY two from love, intimacy and money with your partner, which two would you opt for?”.

The party was alive already, but you need to see the way things got alive raised to the power of 2. I think there was only one guy who chose a combination that did not include money; weird.

First off, I don’t believe in genies so the whole thing did not apply to me. You must know that we are conjuring an hypothetical scenario so permit me to exclude the personal pronoun in sharing this opinion. I cannot imagine a world where I would not have money or a marriage devoid of love, and it’s beyond me to fathom how there can be money and affection and sex would not naturally follow in a marriage for that matter.

If one had to choose though, I recommend that they choose money, and any other thing that catches their fancy. Just choose money, that is the only thing that is important in this context. Because if you leave money, it means you will be broke, and you will love your wife or husband and you guys will make sweet love and enjoy orgasms  for minutes or hours and after that… You will look at each other with so much love in your eyes and hold each other and cuddle with so much hunger in your belly. That’s not all, you will stay indoors or visit with other paupers because you can’t belong with any other class. I’m not trying to terrify you or anything, but we have to call a spade a spade. Let’s say your partner falls ill, you will heal them with love, I think I read on www.head-in-the-clouds.2mu that love works wonders anyways.

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I think love is overrated, love is not everything. I think sex is overrated, you can’t screw all day everyday for the rest of your natural life. If you have a choice to forfeit wealth at the expense of love and sex in marriage, don’t do it! You’re in love, you have good sex, but you’re poor? What’s the use?

If you have money, you can get true love and sex whenever you’re ready for it outside marriage. After all, the genie’s condition was limited to ‘in your marriage.’ If you don’t have sex or love in a marriage, it’s bad but at least these things are peculiar to marriage and relationships et al. But if you’re poor, it affects your entire life and Life my friend, is much bigger than Marriage. So money and love maybe, or money and intimacy. I wish you would have the best of all the worlds like I would but if you had to make a choice, please don’t choose to be poor.

For whatever reason.


Be rich!


That’s my answer to the Gordian Knot Question.


Olarinde Samuel Adeyinka

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  1. Said it before and ama say it again, money and love…. those would do just fine… who sex don epp?

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