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Going Back To Your Ex: Right or Wrong?

Love is a strong feeling that really should never leave; those who have truly felt it will bear witness to this fact. Looking at this fact however, it is necessary to ask if one who is in love should be advised to get back into a relationship with a partner who has once hurt them or broken a relationship with them in the past. Should going back to your ex be regarded as foolhardy or wisdom?

They say Love is blind, but is it also stupid? They also say Love forgives, will it then be wrong to forgive and go back to your ex if you truly love him/her. This is our Vox-Pop question of the week, and we will be welcoming your opinion on this topic. Going back to your ex; Right or Wrong? Normal or Abnormal?

Social Media Expert, Olanrewaju Olubukola Ozone was saddled with the duty of helping us draw some top quality opinion from Facebook, and below are some of the best ones we have gathered. Be kind to lend your voice to this poll after reading, let your voice inspire someone out there who may be about to make an important decision. Thank you!

Please find some of the featured responses below:

Samson Joseph Mamman II – I think its abnormal and insignificant. What made them leave at first will make them leave again the second & fourth time. Why then would one want to put him/herself in such unpleasant emotional trauma of dealing with a second heart-break.

Omorinoye Oluwadamilare – Going back to someone’s ex can be normal, it can be abnormal and also insignificant. It all depends on the premise both parties parted. Coming back together may not be that bad because both probably could have learnt some lessons along the way so it can give room for a better and matured relationship between them.

Ogunjuyigbe Temitope – There are no ‘straight up’ rules to all these things. What works for one person doesn’t become a theory for all. Going back to one’s ex is relative. What if their separation was due to things beyond our own nose? A couple breaks up (mutually) because,there was a ‘contrary revelation’ and they later on realize they were being childish, are you saying going back would be abnormal? A lady breaks up with a guy because of too much parental control, the guy realizes this after a while and ‘convincingly’ proves himself as changed and mature. If he goes back to the lady who is still unmarried, and she sees he’s changed, are we saying its abnormal? Let us not form rigid rules out of everything in life. I beg you. All we need is God’s guidance and wisdom.

Fasusi Ayobami Folakemi – If the ex is a worthy ex…. But majority of ex-pired products are risky for consumption… Slightly abnormal.

Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson – It’s like giving someone a bullet to finish you, cos they missed you the first time! It’s like going back to a job you quit. It hardly ends well. Something had to happen that caused the break up, what do you think will be different now? Drop the baggage and find something fresh!

Toluse Dove Francis – There’s nothing wrong with it. It all depends on what you both think. Truth be told; whatever makes you go back means you can let go, you know better. It depends on who left in the first place. No one way to it.

Eruteya Ufoma Josephine – What I will say is simple and clear !!! There is no point going back to your ex because am so sure before you guys decided to break up you must have tried to make it work ….. It did not work that was why you broke up so where’s the magic coming from that would make it work this time. So many people go back to their ex because they couldn’t handle the emotional trauma that comes as a result of separation, and that’s why some ex want you back as a solace till they find a better person to replace you !!!!

Mavis Ishanqueen Michelini If you have something worth trying for, why not? But if na because you nor get choice again, abeg nor try am o.

Tayo Fasuan – Hey, there is nothing abnormal there, especially if both agree to come back and make it work again. I broke up with my wife then when we were dating because we had a misunderstanding. Well, after about 8 months, I initiated the comeback. We discussed, we forgave, and we moved on, only this time, we became stronger than we were because we’ve learnt some lessons. We are married now with kids, and waxing stronger despite issues along the way. It only depends on maturity and how ready you are to make things work again despite the factors that might be against you two. Lobatan.

Tope Olofin – Very normal…it is usual for humans to want what they know to be familiar…I think it’s call fear of the unknown. Now whether that’s good or bad for the person in question is what I have no comments for…because no be one size fits all!!!

Adeleke Julianah – If the relationship is an abusive one, be it physical or emotional, I won’t advice it. But if the breakup was because of lack of understanding, and you think it will work out, then by all means do go back. After all, what is good for the goose may not always be great for the gander. Relationship has no set of rules. What apply to A may not be good for B. There are those that went back to their exes and are happily married. And there are those that did but regretted it.

Olanrewaju Olubukola ‘Ozone’ – My take: In this life, there’s no right or wrong way of doing things, there’s just what works for you and what doesn’t.


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Over to you readers; do you have something in your mind you would like to chip in? Please do so in the comments section below. 

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  1. Love is one of the most craziest thing anyone can encounter.So we more or less have no reason to escape it.Going back to one’s ex isn’t a big deal, as long as both parties are willing to try again. You can’t hide something that is true and real.You feel good with this person I don’t see a reason not to give it another trial, more so you both are not strangers to each other.

    • “You can’t hide what is true and real”


      If it was true and real, why did you let go the first time?

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