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Is it right to go on a date with another person when you are in a relationship?

Our Opinion Poll category returns after a short hiatus. This time, we have returned with a new angel; her name is Amiife, and she will be with us for a while in this category. Making her debut, she is asking if it is right to go on a date with another person when in a relationship. We would love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section below the article. 

Let’s look at this scenario:

You saw your female friend’s partner(or vice versa) in the restaurant.. With another girl.. In an atmosphere that doesn’t look like a business date or something..

You picked up your phone.. Called your friend.. Asked her where her partner told her he was.. She said her partner is hanging out with Jide..

Few months later, they were fine and you now look like the bad one.. The amebo..

1. Is it right to go on a date with another guy or lady if you are in a relationship?
2. Is it right to alert your friends whenever you see them with some other guy or lady??




Aborisade Olaoluwa D’Mayor

Nothing wrong to go on a date with somebody else when you are in a relationship….However, you can alert your friend when you see that the date is frequent with the same lady/guy…Thanks

Ogunwande Seun Gabriel

Wetin konsain me with other people marra. on a serious note, if I discover that it’s becoming more often, I may stylishly inform my friend about it. That’s my take.

Kayode Means Edoyak

I guess it all depends on the position you find them. We must always watch out for our friends, so you can’t just keep shut if it’s bad.

Seun Joseph Aderotimi

I’m in a relationship and a lady friend of mine who happens to be a course mate at the postgraduate school was ready to sponsor a short outing abi na date them they call am. I will not lie to you, I will honor her invitation. I will tell my partner though. As for the other question, wetin concern me with pesin matter. Why I go carry pesin load put for head cum hold my own for hand. No!

Olakehinde Ogodayo

Well, I think it’s not wrong to go out with someone else while in a relationship… The sincerity is in making your partner aware of every detail of the date, and it has to be consented by the other partner. #myopinion.

Opayinka Oluwasanjo Odebunmi

As long as the date is not hidden from the partner, and depending on what type of date it is. But, at the same time, care must be taken so as not to overdo it. And on the issue of alerting, it requires wisdom o.


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Over to you readers, what do you have to add what’s been said? I think I would like to know why you still need your partner’s consent to go on a ‘harmless’ date with another person? Does it promote trust or makes your partner anxious about what might be going between you and your date? Let’s see if someone can take this argument from a totally different angle.

Who will bell the cat?

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  1. damilare adedeji

    Nice article. Different people with different opinions.

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