giving up on love, I met the love of my life
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2 seconds after giving up on love, I met the love of my life!

Our Love Story today is specifically for those who are going through a bad time right now about how their previous relationships have panned out. You may think you have every justification for giving up on love, but this story may help you see things from a different perspective, and give just one more try. You never know who’s coming next. Enjoy this story.

In October 2010, I swore to myself I’m done dating. I am giving up on love! Going to be alone, by myself, for a change! 2 seconds after that decision, I went into a chat room in a popular chatting app (name withheld) for 35 and above, even though I wasn’t 35. I had gotten tired of mundane conversations, and was looking for something intelligent to keep me busy. It was my escape from the many teenagers who scroll aimlessly through the app looking for cheap fun.

I got an instant message from this random stranger asking “Is your name Dupe?” because of my screen name was “Dupzilla”.

“No.” I respond, then I try to intimidate random stranger by talking about topics in Physics. Random stranger responds without missing a beat.

Turns out random stranger understands more physics than I do. Damn! He is an engineer. I should have gone with biochemistry-intimidation instead.

I check out random stranger’s profile, and realize that we share the same birthday (same day, same month).And the same last name! We also share similar distaste for the education system in Nigeria. Difference is he’s already working while I am still schooling.

I also try to turn him off by hauling out all the skeletons in my closet, but he doesn’t run away. We end up doing a mashup of skeletons in our closets and dressing them up for a macabre fashion show.

Well, we’re thousands of miles apart. He’s in Lagos and I am in Abuja. Maybe we can be friends.

Fast forward to December, and the holidays are coming up. He asks what I am doing for the holidays and I say “Watching TV”, he dilly dallies for a bit and then asks that we meet! I agree.

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He comes to Abuja for the holidays. We figured that even if there’s no chemistry we already have a strong foundation for a friendship.

So we meet and realize there’s chemistry.

He asks, “Wanna be in a relationship?”
I answer, “OK.”

Dash to the following February. I joke about getting married in one of our chats online.

He took my joke seriously.

In April, we are standing in front of a Marriage commissioner:

“Do you take this man as your husband blah blah blah?”

Me: “Yes I do”

Long distance marriage for ~1.5 years while I struggled to finish up my Ph.D. He’d already finished his Masters in Engineering and was working in Carlifornia, United States.

defended my PhD thesis and moved out to join him in California. A few months later, I got a job, and started living as a family.

Yea… we’re the weird couple!

Married 7 years to random stranger whose first question was to ask if my last name was “Dupe”, who shares the same birthday as me, who can meet my blunt remarks with smart quips and  who became my best friend first online then my best partner in life. And I met him just a few seconds after giving up on love!

Cheers to us.

– Dupe. Y

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