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How to get over wedding jitters before your big day

The cards have been distributed, the date is set, the wedding trousseau is ready and slowly you are approaching that dream wedding that you been dreaming since childhood. Inevitably, there would be wedding jitters at some point. How do you overcome them?

If there are dreams then there are wedding jitters that are enough to shake you out of your dreams. Well, if you are going to be married soon and you are already going through wedding jitters we list down few pointers that will help you to get over them soon.

1. Stop worrying: Jitters usually feed on fears and worry. While, we all know that worry solves nothing, it’s time to put this in practice. Whenever you find yourself in a situation take three deep breaths and calm down, saying to yourself that everything will go just good and there’s no reason to be worried about anything.

2. Be deaf for a while: Well, we don’t literally mean it! But this is the time when everyone around will be ready with varied pieces of advice. So turn deaf for a while and shut yourself from all sorts of advice. Concentrate on the new life that you will be starting soon and let ‘time’ handle all.

3. Sleep well: One of the reasons why we feel so stressed out is because we are constantly busy with shopping, relatives, functions and so many other stuff, which lead to unwanted anxiety and jitters. The best way to deal them is mediation and good 6-7 hours sleep which one should start practicing it and make it a routine well in advance before the D-day.

4. Exercise regularly: A healthy body definitely houses a healthy, sound and calm mind and soul. While exercising regularly and well in advance before wedding not only will keep you fit and increase stamina to handle all the wedding but it will also make you better equipped to handle stressful situations.

5. Keep your favourite playlist ready: there are certain songs that have always made you feel special, lifted your spirits giving you enough confidence to emerge as a stronger person. Keep that playlist ready to help you deal with jitters more easily.

6. Accept and acknowledge: It’s perfectly fine to have pre-wedding jitters. Even grooms have them. But the only way to get over them is by accepting it and acknowledging the fact that all this is a part of the process and soon all this shall pass making way for a fairytale romance to start.

Good luck with your wedding.

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