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10 ways to get a beautiful lady even if you are not cute

It shouldn’t shock you that guys that aren’t so cute are also looking for ways to get a beautiful lady. Let’s face it, every guy wants to date a good looking lady. It doesn’t matter if he claims to be sapiosexual or whatever sexual, an average guy would love to be seen with a beautiful lady.

Beauty can be relative in this case though; it is either she’s beautiful in his eyes, or beautiful in our (the rest of us) eyes. So, it is established that beauty is a common factor on the part of the ladies.

On the contrary, a guy doesn’t need to be ‘cute or handsome’ to get a beautiful girl. Just take a sample of couples getting married every week and you will confirm this. There is even a popular ex-Governor that proves the notion that ‘good looks’ is not a criterion to get a beautiful lady. But then, there has to be something a beautiful lady sees in you to decide to give you her heart. There are quite a few of them, and I will be highlighting them in this article.

If you think you fall in that no-so-cute category and you want to get a beautiful lady, just take out your pen and jot down these points, then you can start working on them. If after three months, you still can’t boast of any fine girl following you upandan, then we should refer you to T.B Joshua; your case might be spiritual. lol.


Have A Fat Bank Account

Money answereth all things, and all women! A section of women will not agree that they love money, but deep within them lies the truth. Every human being loves money and would love to have plenty of it. A lot of women will not mind your looks as long as you have money. And trust me, when you have money, you can never be ugly, and you will definitely get a beautiful lady. Quote me anywhere.


Display Rich Sense of Humour 

You can’t be ugly and dry at the same time! It just doesn’t work. Haba! Every guy, whether good looking or not, requires a good sense of humour to keep a lady’s head turning. It gets better for you when you have it aplenty. Most ladies love to be around guys that can make them laugh often, who are not uptight and can take a joke. If you ‘strong face like shit’ all the time, you will just find people avoiding you, even if you are cute. So, my guy, if you no too fine, just be funny and amiable, girls will enjoy your company and flock around you. Ask OmoBaba or Akpororo how they did it.


Show Romantic Etiquette

Women swoon when they find romantic men. Learn all the tips and tricks of romance, practice them well, master them and you will see how much these women will become your evangelist. Be that guy that can be spontaneous, know the right words to say, buy sweet gifts, take her to places, and see her picking you over that unromantic fine boy. You should already know by now, women love to be treated specially, like queens. So, to get a beautiful lady, your romantic etiquette has to be on fleek!

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Have A Good Job

One other thing  women look out for in men is a good job or running a good business. A woman loves to be sure her man has financial security, or at least a good potential for financial success. If you have a good job with good pay, or you run a working business, you will get a beautiful woman without issue.

Show Eloquence

When you are good with words, you will get your way into anywhere on earth, a woman’s heart inclusive! Be eloquent in your speech and many ladies will follow you just to hear you speak. Ever wondered why some of these social media writers/speakers get a lot of admirers?

Dress Powerfully

Be fashionable, extremely so, and half of your women problems is solved. If your facial looks can’t appeal to their sight, your dressing would definitely do that; and that has the ability to cover a multitude of ugliness. Also, dressing well boosts your confidence, so approaching a beautiful girl won’t be a problem. She won’t have issues giving you attention either…just make sure to make most of the opportunities you get.

Smell Good

You can’t afford to be struggling with your looks and still struggle with your smell, it’s a big deal breaker! Not many women will get close to you if you smell bad. Beyond that, wearing a good cologne makes you double attractive. Invest in some good perfumes today and you just might start attracting some very beautiful ladies, regardless of how you look…erm…facially.

Have A Strong Spirituality 

This one is debatable. But in religious circles, you can ask around, who gets most of the beautiful ladies? I will leave this to you to answer. Bye. lol.

Support Feminism 

Waaawu! This is the height of it for a lot of women in Nigeria right now. They want fairness and equal rights with men. Join the wagon and see them running after you. But you have to be careful with this, don’t put your hand in the plough and look back. Once you support Feminism once, you support forever.

Be Intelligent

Intelligence is sexy! Take that to the bank. But you need to know that intelligence is not all about academic excellence, and that in itself is not what is sexy. Let me tell you what is sexy about intelligence. It is the ability to display sharp wit and capability of deep thought. If you can display this, then ladies will leave everything and follow you.

If you don’t have any of these, your case don pass OYO o. You will have to keep your desires to be with a beautiful lady restricted to your dreams.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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