What should be your focus after a heartbreak

The way we react to a heartbreak is different. Some people find it very easy to bounce back and move on with life, others use another relationship as a rebound. Some people fall into depression and sometimes get suicidal while others make decisions never to love again, all in a bid to express their hurt and disappointment over a relationship that did not go as they thought it would.

In the grand scheme of things, none of the aforementioned reactions guarantee that your next relationship would be a success! What then should be the focus of a person who is suffering a heartbreak? Esther Adeniyi shows us the way in her recently published piece on social media. You should find this helpful.


You know, some truths are very hard to admit but they remain truths still. One of them is this:

If as a young girl you have had one too many breakups and in most of the instances, the guy is the one calling it quits, it is time for you to stay single for a while. Nobody has ever died from singleness!

You need to work on yourself, your esteem, your IQ. You need time to grow. You’ve been dating since you clocked 10, babe, you need time to grow and learn the art of loving yourself, fending for yourself and enjoying your company.

Out of the many things you have to offer a man, your body should be the least. What stays when you are old and wrinkled are your worth, the freshness of your soul, your wisdom and every other thing you’ve got inside of you.

Stop dating like your life depends on it. It’s time to know who the real you is all by yourself. That way you get to know what you even want in a man. How do you intend to keep the real guy with a crappy content? Forget about your container sef and the rest of those bullshit because what we see is a reflection of what’s inside.

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Well articulated, I believe.

The focus after a heartbreak should be more about you being a better person than you were in the last relationship. Grow up, your self-esteem needs to be healthy, you must offer value, something bigger than just your body. If you want a better man, you must be a better woman and vice versa.

Thanks to Esther once again for allowing us share this.

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