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We care about aesthetics, and everything appealing to the sight. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, true, but we believe there’s an inherent beauty in the heart of everyone. This page explores the enhancements that improves and transfers aesthetics from the heart to the eyes.
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“Noun: A current (constantly changing) trend, favoured for frivolous rather than practical, logical or intellectual reasons”

The ‘official’ wikipedia definition states that fashion is illogical, impractical and unintelligent. But is this really the case?

Sure, there are trends that are outrageous enough to make any sane person run a mile, but is haute couture designed to be taken literally or can it be favoured more towards the art form that it should really be given credit for?

For us at GLOWVILLE, fashion is more than just keeping an eye out for the next big trend to come off the catwalk. It is the most significant, ever-changing and interesting aspect of everyday lifestyle. And it’s certainly NOT unintelligent.

Fashion makes people feel like they belong to part of a ‘tribe’, almost as though they are a significant part of the industry with which they have developed this obsession.

Fashion evokes a mood, in much the same way that music, art and architecture do, and yet it is still labelled as fickle and irrelevant. But when some of the world’s leading women and men are constantly scrutinized for their choice of style, it is ignorant to suggest that fashion does not play an overwhelming part in the everyday lifestyle of women all over the world.

It is so integral to subjects such as politics, history and even architecture that fashion can no longer be labelled as a ‘silly obsession’ by those who do not understand its importance.  It is a means of representation, expression, but most importantly it is a means of individuality.  A personal style will never change, no matter what the political, economic or social implications.


What does FASHION mean to you? Share with us.


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