As a young man, you might have extremely rich and stupendously wealthy friends, their company is not a safe destination to invite a lady who is in a young unsteady relationship with you! Let me share a story about exposing your spouse to temptation

“Exposing your spouse to temptation” by Tosin Ayo

“The male rat never takes its spouse along if it must visit the cat. No one gives the fat fish to the hungry cat to look after. The wise man doesn’t deliberately ensnare his woman. The man who values his woman doesn’t expose her to a temptation she can’t resist!”– ‘Tosin Ayo.

This piece is about men who unduly and unnecessarily expose their women to undue temptation.

Some guys in a bid to validate their self-insufficiency, elevate their low self esteem and cover up their inadequacy, visit their wealthy friends, accomplished ‘mentors’, randy employers and successful supporters with their beautiful fiances and wives regularly. But this is wrong, it’s called exposing your spouse to temptation; and I’ll explain why in a bit!

If you know you can’t vouch for your woman, limit the risk of losing her by watching your deliberate exposure of her into harm’s way. I know you might say whether you expose her to temptation or not, that an adulterous wife or a cheating fiance would cheat all the same! I partially agree but not in all situations, but it will even be more painful If you know you are the architect of your own misfortune who took your woman into the Lion’s den. This charge is for those who naturally would not have cheated but might do so in the glare of an irresistible incentive and wonderful opportunity created by the unwise you!

As a young man, you might have extremely rich and stupendously wealthy friends, their company is not a safe destination to invite a lady who is in a young unsteady relationship with you! Let me share a story about exposing your spouse to temptation.

A young man in a six-month relationship with a very comely lady with an inexplicable ravishing beauty took her on a voyage of dangerous expedition- a visit to the office of a stupendously wealthy man who was his former employer, distant supporter and introduced her as his fiance. The rich man could not take his eyes off her and said jokingly that the lady was ‘more’ than the young man.

He had a brief ‘discussion’ behind closed doors with the lady with the ‘express permission’ of the young man. There was so much unease, unreleased tension and heightened emotional temperature on the man’s body when his woman didn’t come out after one long hour with the rich man. The ambience was charged and electrified. He wanted to break in but he could not. He regretted coming to visit Chief with his ‘fresh fish’.

She soon dashed out and they went to their respective homes under great tension and lack of tranquility! The shocker- she never uttered a word to the young man nor picked his numerous call any longer! She refused to ‘forgive’ him for bringing her face to face with temptation! The man gave her N500,000 cash there and then and a N2,500,000 cheque for a quickie in the office’s adjoining inner room! She grudgingly obliged! At least for the money!

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Many principles bend in the face of irresistible bribe!

He later bought her a fully furnished house in Lekki, bought her fleet of state of the art cars and SUVs and she is now his 5th and most favourite wife! The rich snatches the poor’s wife with ease in this part of the world!

The next time he saw his wife-to-be was in Chief’s house with an inflated tummy! She was pregnant with Chief’s child!

This is one out of ‘the follow me to oga’s house’s stories! Please, don’t do it!

Another poor teacher too walked in on his fiance in his Bank manager/close friend’s bedroom doing the sacred act behind closed doors! He couldn’t believe his woman would allow herself to be desecrated and defiled by his friend whom he recently introduced to him to help him take a good ‘care’ of her since they were both resident in the same town different from his. He betrayed his trust and confidence. But who does that?

You know you are not comfortable and you take your woman to the hub of comfort for an easier comparison? Don’t be a fool! We might blame the woman for lacking discipline but let’s equally blame the man for lacking discretion! When we blame the hawk for snatching the hen’s chick, let’s blame the hen for carelessness in exposing its chick to danger!

No one plays with hot charcoal! Who doesn’t desire a better life! I bet a man in her shoes will even do worse in this generation where we know the price of everything but not the value of anything! Like my billionaire friend would say: show me which love 1billion dollars cannot destroy? Except the love of Christ!

Ask yourself, can you cheat or betray your spouse for a billion dollars? 1 billion is one thousand million by the way for clarity of calculation. 1 dollar is 360naira!

In fact, two doughnuts and a bottle of coke will destroy some people’s love! Sad!

Is the line ‘Every woman has a price’ familiar?

Let’s ‘merix’ it: ‘Every human being has a price’ or maybe not. A woman who will cheat will cheat, but don’t fast track it by your careless indiscretion!

May God grant us understanding!

– As written by ‘Tosin Ayo, (The ‘word bank’).

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