Expect more traumatic scenes in GAME OF THRONES Season 5

A lot of people have been counting down the days until season five of Game of Thrones hits our screens, but now should we be worried that we won’t be able to handle it? We’re still reeling from the events in season four’s Red Wedding, but Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the hit HBO series has warned that it only gets more shocking and traumatic from now on.


The epic season five trailer shows that we’ll be treated to scenes from yet another wedding and a funeral – and we all know how well those work out. But the 18-year-old has now revealed that we’re in for some seriously exciting viewing, saying, “There’s some massive moments, perhaps even more shocking than the Red Wedding type of thing. There’s like a lot going on this season. There’s also, you know, a lot of blood, a lot of death.” Although we’ll have to wait until the premiere to find out exactly what she’s referring to.

Turner has also hinted that she has a “traumatic” scene in the upcoming series and admitted that she finds it hard to watch back. Ranking the moment from one to 10 she told The Huffington Post, “I think I really bigged that one up. It’s traumatic, but isn’t all of Game of Thrones traumatic? I give it a solid ‘6’, though It’s a pretty intense scene. I can’t say much more than that.”

Speaking of traumatic scenes, one of the pivotal points in the last season was the untimely death of King Joffrey, which Turner is still conflicted about. “For me, it was very bittersweet,” she said. “It’s like a terribly triumphant moment for everyone else who’s, you know, watching the show, and they wanted the character to die so much. It’s bittersweet for me because, yes, I’m happy for Sansa that he finally dies. But also I think, you know, Jack Gleeson was such a wonderful person to be able to play off and I’m really gonna miss him. But also, I think the viewers are going to miss him. I mean, they all loved to hate him.”

But despite Joffrey’s death scene and Red Wedding being arguably the most shocking scenes in season four, Turner revealed that there’s another episode that she just loves to re-watch. “I recently watched the Battle [of Castle Black] in IMAX, so that just reminded me that’s probably my favorite episode,” she admitted. “It’s just stunning, and there’s that one shot that they do, where it’s just like one massive long shot that goes on for two minutes, and it’s just a 360 of all the fighting. It’s amazing. I think it’s so well shot and incredible.

Sansa features heavily in the trailer and while she’s spent most of the last few seasons in tears, looks like she might finally have grown some balls and is out to avenge her family’s bad luck when it comes to staying alive. Appearing in an embrace with creep Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish, he whispers to her, in his weird accent that seems to have got even stranger: “There’s no justice in this world,” before urging her to “avenge” her slain family.

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This storyline looks like it’s going to be given prime position this season and perhaps might make-up for the fact they killed off so many of the best characters last season, in the usual GOT blood-bath that claimed not just Joffery Lannister (we’re still not OK with this) but uber-baddie Tywin Lannister as well – Littlefinger could well move up to be GOT’s leading villian.

Initially appearing as though we’re in for a lighter season ahead following the blood baths of seasons three and four, dragon queen Daenerys of Sunspear declares” I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel,” assuring that GoT’s fifth season will be a typically gory affair filled with plenty of gasps and intense action.

Playing along to David Bowie’s Heores we see the return of Jon Snow, Daenerys, a bearded Tyrion and bad ass Arya Stark. It’s expected the show’s fifth season will focus heavily on Cersia Lannister who is a prominent figure in the Songs of Ice and Fire books, with Nell Williams making her debut appearance as a young Cersai in one of the show’s first ever flashback sequences.

Season four left fans with all sorts of questions as we watched Arya board a ship to Braavos while Tyrion Lannister had also fled King’s Landing on a ship after killing his father Tyrion Lannister, for sleeping with his former mistress Shae.

The now bearded Tyrion is seen in deep conversation with Varys, telling him: “I don’t know if I’m ready for what I deserve.”

We’ll also see how Jon Snow’s new allegiance with Stannis Baratheon pans out so basically there’s a lot of for us be excited for.

Game of Thrones season five returns on Monday, April 13.

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