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My Ex Was A Serial Cheat, I Regret Ever Dating Her

Is it possible to see danger and readily fall into it all in the name of love? I can hear a lot of YES already. This dude’s story about her girlfriend who was touted as a ‘serial cheat’ might get you thinking again.


To be forewarned is to be fore-armed. Well, that was exactly my sorry case after dating Caroline for nine months.

When I discussed the idea of dating Carol with my friends, their immediate response was that I had gone out of my mind. According to them, she was a serial cheat, a street girl, and popularly regarded in our estate as a runs girl. They told me not to even consider her as a side chic, talk less of a serious relationship. But all they said was totally unlike the impression Carol when we first met a day earlier at an eatery.

I had bought and was about paying when I realized that I mysteriously left my ATM at home. Carol, who was just beside me, felt the embarrassment and offered to pay my bill. We got talking, and her kindness really got to me, I started considering a serious relationship with her.

I later saw Carol, and we had a long chat about her past. She was honest with all her escapades, but she also told me they were all in the past. She convinced me that she had turned a new leaf, and I had every reason to believe her, by virtue of her earlier kindness.

I told my friends she had changed, and that she deserved a second chance. They were not willing to accept, but they had no choice, since they weren’t the ones dating her.

We had it good for the first five months, until I was transferred to Akwa-Ibom. Barely two weeks after I left, my friends started calling to tell me what Carol had been up to. I chose not to believe, rather deciding to ask Carol for the true story. She denied all the allegations and things went back to normal.

I was later transferred back to Lagos, and we were able to close the gap that had existed in the previous months. But the truth was not to remain hidden forever. I was at Carol’s one Saturday evening when a mysterious man visited. Apparently, he hadn’t informed her he was coming. I found out from the whole drama that ensued between them that was dating her.

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It dawned on me that she was truly a serial cheat when further investigation revealed that the man wasn’t even the only one she was cheating with. I was her ‘serious’ guy, while the others were her ‘money-men’.

I had to cut off ties with her immediately. I was disappointed and ashamed of myself for trusting her so much and wasting my time with such a serial cheat like her.

That was how my last relationship ended.

– Tega. O


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