EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

The term, “ego” has a benign meaning of “self-worth.” In this sense, ego is indistinguishable from one’s deepest values, as a sense of genuine self-worth depends on fidelity to our deepest values.

The problem comes when ego inflates to a feeling that the self is superior to other people. This leads to entitlement, i.e., a belief that you deserve special consideration, which is bound to produce resentment and discord in relationships.

Romantic relationships in particular require compassion and equality in terms of value, which is why ego is the worst enemy of a relationship.

Some people live their whole lives fighting for the sake of satisfying their inflated egos. Each one of us feels worthy in a way or another, even those who feel inferior. But the problem happens when this sense of self worth becomes exaggerated to the extent that it leads the person to a life full of suffering and pain.

To be able to truly love yourself and to truly be able to love someone else, you must drop the ego. This is absolutely essential to finding an amazing relationship, but it’s equally critical to maintaining and continually improving a
relationship once you’re already in it.

Some people remain unsatisfied with their relationships yet fail to get out of them just to protect their egos. Others find it hard getting over someone for a very long period of time, all because of their ego, which is either too strong or too weak.

EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

EGO: The Cancer That Kills A Relationship

Relationships are meant to be the most beautiful part of human life, but unfortunately, it is the most complicated one. In one word the reason is “EGO.”

If you break the word Relationship as “Real I on Ship”, you’ll realize that the ship will sink one day if you are traveling with the load of EGO. Most of the time, we are not aware that the insect of EGO is there and eating our relationship.

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“For God Sake… Can you stop with this nonsense? Can you stop doubting me? Can you stop blaming me for everything? Will you please give me my space? PLEASE LET ME BREATHE. Sometimes, it feels as if I am stuck in a cage.”

Is this your story, do you really think this is LOVE?

Humans need attention. They need to feel special, and they need someone else to help them to understand how important they are in this world. Sometimes we have EGO but we don’t know it or maybe we just fail to accept it.

You can use this knowledge to analyze your situation and you can see who is running your ship. Is that the Real you or Ego?

You won’t be able to survive with Ego. The ship is going to sink sooner or later. Self love is very important to save that ship. If you really want love, then first love yourself, value others and let go of your EGO.


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