Maintain Your Beauty

Easy Ways To Maintain Your Beauty

Hello ladies,

Its another week of beauty tips and today we are looking at ways to look and remain beautiful without having to spend over the odds. There are many simple, natural and very cheap, sometimes free materials around us that can be used to help us remain beautiful and spotless. Whatever your beauty emergency is, there are quick touch-ups and style tricks to bail you out and help maintain your beauty.

1. Smooth eyelashes
Keep eyelashes smooth and supple by brushing them with petroleum jelly before going to bed at night.

2. Glowing skin,soft hands
Use olive oil. It makes the skin smooth and youthful. To soften your hands, rub them with warm olive oil , leave for five minutes and rinse with warm water.

Maintain your beauty

3. Get rid of rash
Rash could be a result of chicken pox, measles or insect bite. It’s awful on any skin and getting rid of them could prove stubborn. This is a simple way to get rid of such blemishes: Get corn starch. Pour a handful of the powder into a bath tub or buckets of water. You could also rub the cornstarch on your body and wait for a while. Wash.

4. Protect your skin
Eat tomatoes more often. Tomatoes provide lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that protect your skin from sun damage. Also, citrus fruits hold your skin cells together by forming collagen. Eat more of these fruits regularly. Eat anti-ageing fruits-apple, strawberry and vegetables-to keep your skin looking younger.

5. Don’t clog facial skin
If your hair is long and dangles towards your face,beware! Your hair could have dirt, oil and bacteria. Getting in contact with your face clogs the pores. Wash hair constantly with shampoo and conditioner.

6. Smooth nail polish
Store your nail polishes in the refrigerator to maintain its smooth consistency.

7. Pat,don’t rub
You want to cleanse your face? You don’t have to wipe or rub your face. Instead,pat dry after washing.

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8. Have a bright eyes!
Blue eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes does wonders to brighten up the whites making even the most sleep-deprived eyes look awake.

9. Have smooth,fuller lips
Apply a lip primer (Use lip exfoliator if lips are dry and flaky. Leave on for five minutes and clean with wipes). Finally and most interestingly, Palm oil helps to moisturise the lips and heals dryness. But make sure you use only at night. Of course, you don’t want to have palm oil on your lips as you go about your daily activities. Lol.

See you next week, I remain:

Aderibigbe Oluwaseun.


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