wash her husband's clothes

Is it a DUTY or CHOICE for a wife to wash her husband’s clothes?

This is going to be really interesting, and I have Eketi Edima Ette to thank for raising this topic and gathering the hilarious yet enlightening comments. Our Opinion Poll category returns this week with a bang, and this time we are asking, is it a duty or a matter of choice for a wife to wash her husband’s clothes? 


We would love to hear your thoughts about this, but first, let’s go through the opinions gathered from Eketi’s original post. First, let me warn you ahead, whether you are opposing or supporting a wife to wash her husband’s clothes, you are about to get hilariously confused. lol.

Patrick Eziokwu Christopher

I believe it 80% her duty and 20% willingly. As for the case of the husband, it is 95% willingly and 5% his duty.

Swat Kasham

I don’t know about duty o! It should be willingly. If I’m using a washing machine, I don’t have to think twice about dumping everyone’s clothes in for a clean. If I have to wash with my hands, it will take a deep move of the Holy Spirit for me to do it o!

Adebowale Ibukun Tosin

Ideally, it should be done willingly. Love serves voluntarily. But unless the person complains, I waka pass lest I create unnecessary discord. It’s the person that knows he needs help that gets help. So, whatever works for them – willingly, compulsory, maid, drycleaner…etc

Iro-Idoro Evelyn

Have I washed my clothes willingly that I will be washing hubby’s own dutifully?

Terry Adido

Duty? Is she a slave or housemaid? If he insists on someone other than himself doing his laundry, then he should take them to the cleaners or hire a laundry man. Washing machine isn’t even the answer as someone would still have to run the cycles.

Shittu Fowora

Wash and press yours and hers. If you’re busy, let her wash your inner wears and hers. Get a laundry boy to wash and press them all. Save time for you both.

Mo’ Omoregee Idowu

Well, I think it depends on agreement…what works for each individual.
Some people like to wash, others like to Iron…hubby and wifey can do the chores as they deem fit.
My emphasis is on this….chores should be jointly done. It doesn’t have to be shared, it’s about helping each other. It is NOT one person’s responsibility to do ALL the house chores. Help each other….

Mercy Ehi Ebute

How were they being washed before he got married? Biko, Continue with the status quo.

Mimi Okwara

As for duty; the owner of the clothes has it as a duty to wash his or her clothes. Another choosing to do it for them is/should be out of willingness or for a pay.

Olugbode Adefunke Taiwo

when u really love someone, washing his clothes wont be such a big deal. washing clothes isnt a big deal for me cos i do laundry for my twin too. it depends on if u love doing laundry

Adeniyi Tim Oluwamayowa

it’s a matter of willingness to do not an enforced rule. Washing machine can help, laundry shop or boys can equally help or they should jointly do it if they have the time. Understanding goes a long way in marriage

Cheng Fuller

As far as I know my dear, based on biblical injunction, the only set of instructions I know of for the husband and wife are “love like christ loved the church” and “submit” respectively. Those can be assumed to be their duties. Any other arrangement is either for convenience or based on situational interpretation of these divine mandates!!!

Olugbode Adefunmilayo Kehinde

Sm Naija women like to suffer sha.whateva happens to paying sm1 2do chores.keeping d home functioning is HARDWORK enough.SUPER WOMAN isnt a passport 2 heaven.no 1da sm women wil quick age pass their husband cos of 2much housework.

Umege Chioma Victoria

Its not a big deal to wash for your husband na. Even if there is washing machine, d clothes wont put themselves there. Oh…the question is if it is the wife’s DUTY to wash hubby’s clothes or if she should do it WILLINGLY, as in on her own without any body ordering her to do it.
My answer: I think a wife should on her own accord, without any coercion wash hubby’s clothes. My dad has never asked my mum to wash his clothes, he uses the services of dry cleaners but sometimes when for some reason he piles up his house clothes, my mum digs them out and washes them.It shouldn’t be a duty as in “if she don’t wash it , she leaves my house”.

Mfonobong Emerald Michael

Everyone’s shouting ‘washing machine’. Okay o 😄 No one wants to admit that, for some, life may never be that great to afford such a luxury. Sounds ludicrous?  For me, there’s no such thing as duty when it comes to basic domestic skills. We already have more than enough ‘duties’ to last us till Christ returns. Only willingness. If I want to and can, fine. If he wants to, fine. In the end, to each his own.
Your marriage, your rules.
Younger me saw my dad sometimes wash his clothes. That me was somewhat shocked. Can’t even explain why. The things cultural indoctrination can do to a kid. One day, I asked him why and he said he wanted to. Because he could. They were his clothes, weren’t they?

Akukalia Stanley Chukwudi

Personally, I don’t let people do my laundry because i feel like worn clothes and the dirt they accumulate is a personal thing- A stomach ache. Nobody should have to bear the cross for you. For instance, i know where to concentrate on while doing it. I know which t-shirt i wore without a deodorant or which particular spot the pepper soup spilled on; or where i usually have skid marks on my boxers short. Nobody else should have that information. Most of it is classified. Many a play boy has lost their playing liscense simply because a wife saw lip stick stains on their work clothes. But having said that, this is Africa where the gender roles of a woman is mainly domestic.
***** ********
If a husband lashes out on his wife in this part of the world for not washing his clothes, so many people would blame her (including women like her.)
****** *******
However, washing is a tiresome activity so any man who truly loves his wife should show her love by offering to do the laundry some times. Not just theirs, but the kid’s. I REST MY CASE.

Adetutu Oshofowora

Since you used the word duty, well to me o, it’s not a duty, cos a duty is what you must do wether you like it or not, convenient or not, duty? Nah, it should be something you do willingly, our of love and a desire to assist the other.
Come to think of it, with the kind of life and schedule that most of us run, do we even have the time to wash our own clothes, let alone another’s when washing machine can do it, or you can employ someone to wash it.
Duty? No, not from my perspective.

Iyanu Adebiyi

Let me do as Nigerians do, by answering your question with another question.
Who was washing the husband’s clothes before he met his wife? And who was washing the wife’s clothes before she met her husband?
Marriage is first and foremost all about companionship, not an opportunity to turn a spouse into a slave or servant.
What happened to washing together? Taking laundry time and turning it to bonding time?

Presh Owuzechi Okoroafor

Be wise about some comments here though. Find what works for you. Some will say one thing here and do the opposite when the time comes. If you follow dem rules, your own house fit catch fire. Not everybody will be like my dad that sometimes does my mom’s laundry for her nether will everyone be like my mum that sometimes does her husbands laundry for him. No hard and fast rules about this. Don’t kill yourself by yourself o.

GlowVille Olumide Lawrence

There is no rule to it; it’s something you both work out between each other.
Most often, people import these things from their own background. A guy who saw his mother wash for his father will expect same from his wife. A lady who saw her dad do laundry by himself or use a drycleaner will expect same from her man.
Wahala usually happens when that kind of man meets this kind of woman…and there is no will to compromise or switch from the norm.

Dotta Raphels

Too many damn issues surrounding marriage. Overthinnk, overkill. So much scrutiny. When love and respect are in play, trust me, these things cease to matter. You’ll both do what compels and comes naturally. Any man or woman who has a set rule of gender roles or assignment in a marriage especially on chores, and kitchen duties, in my opinion is not ready for marriage.

Chinelo Ifionu

When we make it a duty thing, we have missed the impulsive force blind love and friendship hence the need to be conscious about what we do for our spouse or significant other. If u Cant wash, fine, your partner can do it, If he cant was, then by all means do it freely.. Y”all should know that being in love and being friends causes some things to come natural without struggle.


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