‘Dump Your Marriage If It’s Not Working’ – Doris Simeon

Hello guys, it’s time for some advice this morning. I wouldn’t know where to categorise this advice, but I believe it’s nothing close to values we share in Africa, and even in Nigeria. But since we have started imitating ‘cultures from above’ it won’t be hard to find people adhering to this kind of advice.

Actress Doris Simeon whose marriage to Daniel
Ademinokan was shattered by fellow actress,
Stella Damasus, has moved on with her life and
advises that if a marriage does not work, one must
move on.

The sexy Nollywood actress, seems to have put behind her the collapse of her marriage to movie producer, Daniel Ademinokan, behind her and has decided to move on with her life.

Doris who has pushed her energy into her business venture, believes that if a marriage is not working, the best thing is for one to take a walk instead of staying and getting killed in the process.

She was reacting in an interview with City People
magazine when the question arose over her broken
marriage which was occasioned by the dalliance of
her husband and fellow actress, Stella Damasus,
who has since moved into Daniel’s house.

In her words,

“It is not easy but I just had to sit up and think
about it, if you die in your agony, what would be
left for whoever you have behind? It is better to
sit up. That is why they said, ‘when there is life, there
is hope’. Sit up and think of the next step you have to
take and think of how to be a better you and affecting
people’s lives positively.”

So fellaz, does Doris’ advice hold weight or should couples just stick together through thick and thin to save their marriage? What do you think?


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