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Applying caution when displaying your engagement on social media – Victoria Onwuchekwa

Our Social Media Searchlight this week takes us all the way to Abuja and we are reporting LIVE from Victoria Onwuchekwa’s Facebook wall. Vicky is warning everyone out there to take the chill pill and apply caution when displaying their engagement on social media. This definitely is an interesting one you should read.

Over to you Vicky;

“I am not trying to sound bad-bellish o but I think marriage proposal that comes with engagement and all should just be between the man and the lady he is engaging . No too much fanfare and inviting the whole world and splashing the pictures all over the net.

When hubby engaged me we were alone, he just brought out the ring and told me to marry him, I was pretty excited but I was calm about it.We knew we were already going to get married before he even bought the ring so it wasn’t a shocker neither did I dramatize like how some ladies do when they get engaged.

I never announced it on Facebook, I just told a few friends and family members and continued with my life till we finally got married and all and I have continued my life that way and so far so good.

What if you get engaged and upload it to all social medias and tell the whole world and splash the pictures everywhere and it doesn’t work out? How do you now start retracting those pictures and public posts and all what you told friends?

It would be the biggest embarrassment ever.

I am not saying you shouldn’t do a public proposal, but have it in mind that when you start something so publicly you will end it in public too, you can’t escape it.

Just do your engagement, plan your wedding quietly, marry and continue with your life.

Overexposure is not always a good thing.”


It’s been said by Vicky, what do you think? Is it ideal to apply caution when displaying wedding engagement on social media or totally go all out (since you are so sure)? Let’s hear from you.

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