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How Desola became my ‘Heart Robber’

Love is a universal language, it can be spoken anywhere and everywhere once you understand the language. This is the story of Niyi, who moved from the city to the village to find his heart robber.

It still feels like yesterday when I remember how I met Desola, my ‘heart robber’ as I fondly call her. This is our story.

I was having a boring holiday in the village with my family. Dad made it a custom to have all of us visit the village every year during summer, whether we wanted it or not. I usually looked forward to such visits when I was a lot younger. But after my secondary school, the annual visit became less and less interesting to me.

This particular year was no exception, there was nothing to look forward to, and I was not disappointed when we got to the village. All my friends in the village had moved to Lagos, hence it was a lonely holiday for me. Things got worse for me when Dad was to be given a traditional title, and that meant we would stay a while longer.

In order to kill my boredom, I took it upon myself to take a long stroll everyday and look around, hoping it would help me overcome the boredom.

On this particular day, I had gone out as usual and was a few kilometres away from home already when the heavens opened up and rains poured down in torrents. I had to take cover in the nearest house I could find. As much as I tried, I couldn’t really dodge the rains well as the direction of the wind threw the showers very close to where I was, thus my pants and shoe got wet. I was scanning the area for alternatives to where I was taking cover when I heard a voice behind me.

“E wole” meaning ‘come in

I turned back and saw a beautiful damsel. I accepted the invitation quickly before thinking if it was safe or not. I however noticed that she was not from the village. She was too comported and well packaged for the village, so I allowed my curiosity get the better of me. We got talking and I realized that she had also come to the village for a function. The good news for me was that she had only just arrived and would be spending up to a week!


I immediately got a new friend, an exciting one at that. That was how I met Desola. I paid her a visit everyday till she left for Lagos. We continued our friendship in Lagos and today we are dating. We have actually been dating for One year and Seven months, and our relationship holds a lot of promise.

I fondly remember how we met, because she helped me recover the passion I had lost for visiting folks back in the village. She also helped me revive passion in many other aspects of  my life which I deliberately will not share here.

I love you Desola, my heart robber.

– Niyi. B

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