democracy day

DEMOCRACY DAY: What Buhari may share in common with GEJ

Happy Democracy day to my fellow Nigerians. Although living in Nigeria in the past couple of weeks has been the new experience of hell for me, I am glad we are alive to see this day.

I could go all religious, chanting this is the day the Lord has made, but what day hasn’t the Lord made anyways? Today being the 29th of May is a very crucial day for us in Nigeria. I as an individual, sincerely hope today goes on very smooth without any hiccups.

Now this is not about me being a GEJite or a Buharian, neither is it about APC and PDP, it’s about a simple Nigerian lady (that’s my humble self) hoping for a better condition of living in her dear country. It doesn’t help to know that living in Nigeria is completely filled with troubles and uncertainties, asides from having to deal with life itself. It’s safe to say we struggle through double lives in Nigeria.

In my 10 – 11 years of being aware of my life, surrounding and country, I have never seen Nigerians being this optimistic for change. I’m happy we can actually be optimistic for something but will the hopes of Nigerians be dashed one more time.

The outgoing administration, in my opinion did their bit. I would gladly say Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is a good man and has a good heart but unfortunately, being a good man isn’t enough to lead a country such as this filled with snakes and scorpions in human form. That doesn’t mean he failed, no he didn’t. Rather he fell victim. The same victim you and I are. You ask victim of what? Victim of a corrupt seed that was planted years ago and has grown into a forest. A very thick forest at that.

It’s funny how Nigerians (including myself) now see the need for subsidy removal when this was one of the first step Goodluck Jonathan took and we all almost shutdown the country. But then, it’s the era of change right? We are changing. It won’t be surprising to later realize that whatever good Gen. Muhammadu Buhari would do for Nigeria in 4years would be carrying out a well thought out plan laid down by Dr. GEJ which he couldn’t carry out because…..Just because.

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democracy day

But need I remind you all that this is going to be a true test for the General. A true test of leadership. I was never in support of him simply because I am tired of these old men seeing Nigeria as their birth right and holding us to ransom. However, he is now the President of the federal republic of Nigeria and I decided to step into his shoes for a while in my head.

Dear Mr. President, this is going to be a new experience for you. You would be wounded, you will be praised, you would have sleepless night, and someone somewhere would talk down on you. But be strong. Your Voltrons have sold us the idea of you being a corruption free man, If this is true, then I am happy but be careful. The ones who aided your election are also corrupt. You are now like a spotless white sheep in the midst of wolves. How you would shake them off I don’t know, but I am sure wisdom must be mixed with knowledge to forge ahead.

This isn’t Military where no one challenges you, hence the reason I say this would be your first real test at leadership. Endeavor to make Nigerians proud no matter how difficult this might seem. Accept constructive criticism and get idea to push Nigeria forward.

Doesn’t mean I would be surprised if the Gen. Buhari’s administration don’t live up to their promises of change, but living up to at least 70% of it would shape the mindset of Nigerians. And a country with psychologically sound citizens is on her right path to strength.


Elsie Godwin

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