Dating a Yoruba demon
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What to expect when dating a Yoruba Demon

Without much a-say, this article intends to prepare your mind on what to expect when dating a Yoruba Demon. Yeah, I’m talking about that angel you see and admire in a sparkling well-starched white Agbada coming towards you with a bright smile good enough to mend a broken heart or break a mended heart! May the odds forever be in your favour!

Dating a Yoruba demon can be fun, and can also be funless! (pardon my language) depends on the guy you are with. Majority of them are pure Angels, especially when they are named Michael or Gabriel. If you however land in the hands of Angels named Femi and Segun; sorry, you are On Your Own!

Here are SOME or ALL of the things you should expect when you are dating a yoruba demon angel demonic angel (do the permutation as you deem fit abeg)

The Formally Informal Introductions

Yes o! A real Yoruba guy will introduce you to at least one of his friends, family, colleagues. However this is not a guarantee you are the only one in his life or that he is serious with you. Here is the deal, he wants these people to know you and stay away from you, watch over you in case you decide to cheat on him and for him to be able to cover up his tracks. So when he is on a date with another chic, he can always go “Remember Kola, my friend? I’m at his house”. And when you ask to speak with Kola, he is either in the toilet, bathroom or he just stepped out.

The Regular Side talks/Whispers

When dating a Yoruba demon, be prepared for a lot of side talks. Each time you get introduced to any of his friends of family, they will always call him aside to whisper something into his ears. And when you ask your boo, he either says it’s nothing or tells you something else. My personal research has however shown that these people ask any of the following:

  1. Are you the babe they saw the other day?
  2. Are you the main chick?
  3. Are you one of them babes?
  4. Is the relationship serious?
  5. When did he start dating you?

There is a 20% percent chance it’s none of the above, they probably just want to ask you out incase you are available.

The Never Ending Greetings

Each time you meet any of the friends and family, they will greet you and greet you and greet you until you are forced to ignore them. They go overboard with the compliments and add sentences like “Femi ma n toju e ke” (Femi is really taking care of you). Most times it’s out of hypocrisy.

His friends will want you to cook for them

This can be really annoying though, but they must testify to your cooking skills whether you like it or not. Praise from your boo is not enough evidence, you know.

Family and friends turn FBI

Each time you run into them, get ready to answer tons of questions. They check around to see if you’re the only one around. Yoruba Angel calls you unexpectedly and ask for your whereabout, do not lie, someone has reported your location. Their type of angels are the ones that watch over you every minute, and when they can’t, someone else is doing it on their behalf.

Get ready for some chores

Just a few chores to clear his doubts that you are a good wife material his family will love, especially his mother. Light chores like cooking, washing, sweeping, cleaning and some others. If you already are good at these chores, it will be of benefit if you can take it to the next level, more like learn to do it in an enterprise form because there will always be a party in their family. Whether there is an event planner of not, the “iyawo ile” and “girlfriend ile” (wives and girlfriends) will always have few running around to do. If you miss any of the parties, it simply means you are irresponsible.

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You must respect everyone in the family

I mean every damn person, even a day old baby has to be called with some respect. Doesn’t matter if you knew when the child was given birth to, you must put some respeck on their names. It’s not up for discussion. You can take it to the extreme by kneeling each time you greet them.

Kneel to greet parents

Never in your life, not in your lifetime, not even by chance should you stand, shake, bend, kneel on one leg to greet his parents if he ever gets to introduce you to them. When dating a Yoruba demon, you are expected to either you kneel on both legs or you kneel on both legs and accompany with a hug. Except the parents ask you not to, and even when they do, it is wisdom to keep doing that.

Get ready for some comparison

My sister cooks with more pepper though”, “My sister used this kind of powder a while ago” You will never get enough of the sister comparison, it gets worse day after day, and if he does not have a sister, his mum will take up the space, maybe his cousin as well. Just get ready for some comparison with any female figure in his life before you.

Family drama

Yoruba parents are real, if he ever introduces you to his family, don’t get shocked with the so many unscripted drama you will come across. You will receive phone calls on how your boo does this and that. Dating a Yoruba demon exposes you to a lot of family drama. Best is that you start taking your acting classes a little more serious, you will need a lot of acting to cope.

Everyone will call you “Iyawo wa

Doesn’t matter if you are the main chick, side chick or the chick in view, you are automatically “iyawo wa” (our wife). Well, don’t let the title get into your head, you may and may not end up as his wife, it’s a 50-50 chance.


Dating a Yoruba demon demands a lot of preparedness, innit?

But hey, if you end up as wife please remember to share your love story with us here at GLOWVILLE, and if you didn’t due to some reasons please feel free to share your break up story with us. Either way, send your stories to or add us on our BBM contact listed below.


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