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Dating or Marrying An Arsenal Fan; Perfect Love Story

It can be difficult to understand how it works for a football fan to love his favourite club and stick through in times of good and bad, especially when the bad outweighs the good like what you find with clubs like Arsenal. But some people can’t stick through tough times in a relationship beyond a certain time before jumping ship. This puts the case of dating or marrying an Arsenal fan in spotlight today.

I am not an Arsenal Supporter, I am a full-fledged supporter of the Catalan giants, Barcelona. I will try make my foray into the world of Arsenal Fan base, with the anthropological notion of “grasping the natives point of view” although with a considerable distance which helps me make a reflexive ethnographic account of this analysis from the point of view of an Arsenal supporter and my love comparison.

Can you imagine giving all your love to something, that is consistently inconsistent or inconsistently consistent? Arsenal fans, maybe all their life have known just one coach, who breeds young talents, who in most cases are very promising but never good enough for major trophies like the Champions league or even the English premier league.

In recent years fighting for Champions League position has been seen somewhat like a considerable achievement, or at least winning the F.A cup or maybe community shield. However, every year the story is almost the same; the players are not good enough, the coach is booed to resign and all of a sudden something little happens positively and all the pain of watching the team lose, or being inconsistent is gone. The love is back again and there seems to be hope for another year, which they most likely know the story will still be the same in the end.

All the period where LOVE and TIME had failed these set of people, they have refused to let it DIE. They stand out for the real expression of BEING, HUMANITY AND LOVE. If a man can still hang on to such a football club where all hope seems lost and then there is always something to rekindle back the love again. I envy such.

As a Barcelona Fan I am used to seeing my club win 3,4,5 even 6 trophies in one season, at least one trophy is guaranteed every season. I am not really used to defeat, and when it comes, handling it is always very bad, imagine translating that into a relationship. That is more like always expecting all to be well, smooth and perfect, which is an Aristotelean mentality.

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In human race for love, life and living, all cannot always be well. In my opinion, a man who can handle all the failures of Arsenal as a team and celebrate the little good things that comes rarely, is the true definition of a lover.

He loves all of your humanity and he has seen all your good bad and ugly but he is still in love. A woman who can also stand a man like Arsenal is the ideal lover, even if she is not always given all the things to make life smooth and happy, she improvise, adapts and overcomes and she still loves forever.

Finally, in this new age, of post truth, irrationality, ego, self, un-forgiveness,  diverse opinions status that we live in, Arsenal football club serves as the ideal love story. If a man or woman can channel all the love-hate-forgive-hope-love again that Arsenal fans give to their club into our friendships, relationships, marriage, we may have just taken one step closer again to understanding the essence of love, humanity and being.

Nothing is ever truly dead if we look at it right.

My respect goes to all Arsenal fans all over the world who are still sticking it through. I can categorically tell you that dating or marrying an Arsenal fan is one decision you will never regret. They always stay till the very end.

© Bayo Adeniyi.

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  1. I respect Arsenal fans ooooooo, patient men and women gaaaan

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