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10 reasons you should date or marry an Ijebu man despite his economic value


Okay, I’m writing this with all the passion and energy I have in me, not just because I’m Ijebu, but because I don’t like it when people think or say we are stingy. We are not, we are just being economical with our money. Anyone who knows Ijebu people well enough should be aware that we spend lavishly at parties and you call us stingy. It does not matter the kind of party or whose party it is, we will definitely make it worthwhile. Date an Ijebu man! Marry an Ijebu man today!

When they said good men are hard to find, they were referring to Ijebu men. I will be nice enough to give you ten reasons to date an ijebu man. Whatever you decide after now is totally up to you. But I will advise you to date or marry an Ijebu man after reading this.


Everyday is a celebration…

It’s no news that Ijebu people at large are party rockers, life of the party. Every Saturday, there is always at least one party to attend. Just because Ijebus are so nice and love to share, he will always invite you to go with him to the party, It doesn’t matter if there’s no invitation, all you have to do is wear a nice attire close to the asoebi for such party. Dassol! You are a special guest! The party spirit is in him every time by default, so when you marry an Ijebu man, you are in for fun all days.

…yet he is prudent in spending!

When it comes to money, Ijebu man does not joke as he analyzes every kobo he spends. That’s what most people see as stinginess, which is not, it’s just savings and application of scale of preference. He knows the difference between needs and wants, if  something is not needed, there is every chance he won’t be spending his money on it. Date an Ijebu man, and know that you are dating a prudent man.

He’s got financial stability too.

Since an Ijebu man is prudent with spending, knows what and why he is spending, be rest assured of financial freedom. When it comes to his finances, he is buoyant. If he is not spending his money on something, it’s either it doesn’t have a return value or it’s not just worth it. This is something that would help you both in the long term. Think about it and marry an Ijebu man!

He has Problem solving skills.

Do you have any worries? Is it about your finances? Do you have issues saving money? Hard time making a choice? Want to invest money in something? Tired of your siblings taking your money? Whatever the problem is, just take it to an Ijebu man and you have your solution. He won’t just give a solution, he will come up with multiple solutions. And if you have issues with choosing between listed solution, trust him to chose the best one for you. His IQ is always at its peak, especially if your problem is around money.

Ijebu men are caring! Kai!

Money is not all a woman needs, care is the primary need of every woman. An Ijebu man knows how to give the right amount of care and affection you need. When you date an Ijebu man, know for sure that he is ready to take long walks with you in the cool of the day, take you (window) shopping, sightseeing and other things you can think of just to make you happy. Afterall, love doesn’t cost a thing. If you marry an Ijebu man, rest assured that he will care for you.

He is humble.

Unlike most men who flaunt their money all around town, an Ijebu man simply keeps his lowkey. He doesn’t blow his own trumpet, it’s an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise. A typical Ijebu man will love to keep his finances lowkey, away from evil eyes and haters. Marry an Ijebu man, marry humility.

Non-Yoruba demon

An Ijebu man is not a Yoruba demon! Well…most of them are not. He doesn’t have so much time to date or think about other women. He is totally focused on the next steps for him to get more money, analyzing the one he has presently. Trying to date another girl will cost him money, he is not interested in  that.

He is hardworking with entrepreneur skills.

Ijebu man is more concerned with personal development, relationship goals and of course how well to deal with money. For this reasons, he cannot afford to be lazy at all. Also, due to his economic skills and his financial literacy, he does not only work hard, he works smart! It does not matter if he runs a 9-5 job, an Ijebu man has a side hustle somewhere. His entrepreneurial skills are top-notch. Just so you know, Mike Adenuga, Kessington Adebutu (to mention a few) are Ijebu men. Now, you know what that Ijebu man is capable of.

Ijebu men are creative.

Because our Ijebu brethren doesn’t want to waste money, he tends to be more creative. Why pay so much for Uber when you can take a bus and still arrive at the same location. He posses a lot of DIY skills, he can achieve so much with very little. He won’t waste resources, nothing lies to waste in an Ijebu home. He is the master of creativity! Date an Ijebu man and learn how to be creative.

The Ijebus are family people.

Ijebus love their nuclear and extended family at large. They show the love mostly in kind, actions speaks louder than voice they say. He will love your family as much as he loves you. He will always stay committed!
With these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse on why you should marry an Ijebu man. If he misbehaves, feel free to come and report to me. 


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