date a short girl

Why you should date a short girl

Last week, the internet went agog with beautiful pre-wedding pictures of a very tall groom and a short bride. They looked perfect together in the picture, and a lot was said about them on different social platforms; some of them hilarious, and others were just…you know, cheeky.

date a short girl

Two of my friends from Facebook also combined to share their thoughts on why you should date a short girl. I found them interesting and decided to also share with you.

This first part is from Solomon Bartholomew – a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, and here’s what he had to say about reasons why you should date a short girl.

I culled these photos from a GlowVille‘s wall and can’t help but smile while viewing them. It’s all shades of awesomeness and sweetness seeing a tall man blend with a short lady. This expresses the beauty of our ‘flaws’, which makes us flawsome.

It’s my fantasy to marry a short awesome woman. Lol, and luckily my first lady is SHORT! 😝

Here are few reasons why you need a short woman in your life.

It’s so beautiful when they struggle to kiss you — tipping up their toe to give you a peck..


The best hugs are gotten when a tall dude hugs a short woman. For her, she curls into your arms, with direct contact to your heart; listening and feeling the rhythm of your heart beat. It’s so cute.

It’s really fine too when her daily struggle is not being able to reach anything. When she has to climb the stool to get stuff from the cupboard.

Many short women are awesome, as small as they are, they tend to lift your spirits above their height 😂😂. It’s sexy to know that everything other thing about them is tall but just their height. Their motivation, ambition, dreams, attitudes, compassion; all tall. Lol

We cannot overlook this perk of being with a short girl; she can wear your t-shirts as night gowns. 😍
It’s cute seeing her drowning in your short clothes. Crazy and sweet thing to behold.

Cuddling her is amazing. Her head falls into your chest perfectly. And if it’s a spoon position cuddle; her legs are just shorter than yours, and that makes it easier to hold her round thoroughly.

Another benefit is the fact that when you’re with a short women, you feel taller. 😝
You feel on top of the world.

Everything short girls do is cute.

Oh, when they get mad, it’s easy to hold them back, grab them, carry them, and play with them…

Date a short girl today and see real romance.


And this other part, is from Chimezie Sochikamneleanya, and below are her reasons guys should date a short girl ASAP! lol.

date a short girl

There is this butterfly in my tummy that jumps/fly around whenever I see a tall guy and a short lady. See eeh it’s all shade of awesome 😘

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Here’s the gist!

For hugs!

* Once she throws her hands round your waist, her head lays on your stomach ….. Awwwww, that quiet moments! She feels like a baby at this moment and very much secured! You gently rub your hand on her hair while you say the sweet nonsense to her hearing .😂 No tall girl will give you this moment!

* Gently lift her up, while she wraps her legs around your waist. At this point the both heads are equal or one a little bit higher than the other. Another wonderful moment. She feels on top of the world, she gets to that point once in a while so she’s is excited. The smile. If you are of the beards gang she caress the beards. Finally wraps her hands round your neck.  Hey don’t forget to kiss her at this point 😘


I think just one style is applicable here!

If she is a good dancer and has hips! Hurray its your day!

A lap dance is the solution!
Let her lap dance your sorrow away 😂

On bed!
You know how you cuddle a baby?
Eggsactly nwoke oma! 😘😘
One of your hand is her pillow while she place her legs in between yours😂😂

For Relaxation!
While you lay on bed your chest serves as her pillow, then you gist away!!!!

She holds your hand as you gently stroll down the street. She calmly looks up from where her bae’s face is with a smile as you gist along the street.

One beautiful thing about short girls is they are PORTABLE!
no stress or overload!

They are the definition of smart. Good planners. Never intimidated by anything and anybody. Goal gutters. Gentle. Lovable. Emotional and many more.

A trial will convince you!

Good morning to all the tall guys and short ladies. (dating and married ones)
The rest of you should collect your greetings from people of your heights 😒


date a short girl

Now to you; have my friends done enough to convince you to date a short girl or you need more convincing?

Let me know in the comments section.



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  1. Osheeeeey, please I’m a 5’3 oh, short and small and this made my entire year. Hahaha

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