Dance of Victory Gbuke Ossy Brown

Dance of Victory (Gbuke) – Ossy Brown

Dance Of Victory (Gbuke) is an up-tempo fusion of Afro-Pop and House Music suitable for energetic rhythmic African and contemporary dance styles.

The lyrics comprises of French, Edo Natives ( Igueben, Benin & Esan), Pidgin English and of course English Language. Craftily produced by Selez, the prophecy of the song is a Continental Hit, cutting across Africa and spreading to the rest of the world. 

It’s a New Song with a New Dance …Enjoy! 

Dance of Victory Gbuke Ossy Brown



“Extremely excited about this new record of mine ‘Dance Of Victory’, I couldn’t wait for 2016 neither could I wait for the production team to finish their bits. Most importantly, YOU (my esteemed fans) couldn’t wait either cos you already got your grooves on with the snippets. You can call this the ‘official leak’ or whatever *winks* *lol*……. Enjoy!” Ossy Brown


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