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Cynthia Morgan’s smart way to get revenge on a cheating partner

Queen of Nigerian dancehall, Cynthia Morgan is known for never holding back with what she feels, she dishes out her expressions just the way they are; good or bad. This time, she shared her honest opinion on what she would do if she caught her man cheating with another lady. Her advise is what a lot of ladies would find handy (I hope) lol. 

The ‘Baby Mama’ crooner – after being clowned for miscalculating simple multiplication figures – has since moved on from that hilarious episode, and on a more serious note, she revealed what she would do if her man were to cheat on her.

She took to Instagram to share a clip of a lady seemingly on a murderous and vengeful mission on her boyfriend who had cheated, Cynthia Morgan found that kind of reaction funny, and expressed her form of revenge by saying she would rather hurt her ‘cheating’ man by her success.

In her exact comments on the clip, she said:

This can ever be me Tho,’

I Never Stress. Ama just write a couple of more chilled records that him, his hommies and his new girl will always be fan of and watch them stalk me and my tour dates for the rest of deir lives… What I am saying is young girl don’t stress, never stress#Workhard, Pray…and watch him be a fan.#Itsneverdatdeep

We kinda agree with her. No cheating partner is worth your tears and stress. Bouncing back and staying stronger is the wise way to have your revenge on a cheating partner. Thanks Cynthia for sharing this.

Over to you, what is your best way to get one over a cheating partner? Please share with us in the comments section below.



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