cupid's quandary


Welcome to the landing page of our very interesting fiction series on Love. You are bound to be hooked from the first minute to the last on the array of captivating stories we have for you. Be kind to leave comments after reading, to let us know what you think.

These stories have been copyrighted by their writers, and any form of duplication, or reproduction without an express and formal permission from the owner will attract legal sanction.



Cupid’s Quandary

Frank is heart-broken, but Sandra is desperate to have him. Her desperation however leads to the unveiling of secrets; secrets too deep for love for to find.

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COWRAGE is our special coined word meaning the state of indecision between COWardice and couRAGE, a situation a young chap in the university finds himself in the name of love.

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Adam’s Apple

1 Blood; 2 Brothers. 1 Goal; 2 Games. 1 Love; 2 Lovers. Who wins this deadly battle for love?

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