crazy things people do in a relationship

5 crazy things people do in a relationship

For a couple of days now, I’ve been thinking to myself, and sometimes I think out loud too (yea..not only Ed-Sheeran does that) about some really crazy things people do in a relationship. Let me break this down; In a relationship, many of us have done, or still do some really ‘funny things’ and we just can’t explain why we do or did them. These crazy things just happen; not because we like doing them, or that we like our partners doing them to us, but they happen anyway! 

What really are these crazy things people do in a relationship? Hol’up, I will unravel in a jiffy.

1. Call BAE just to ask “where are you?”

girl on phone | crazy things people do in a relationship

BAE: Where are you? ME: I’m where you sent me

Really? I mean, really?? really?? really??? We do this, (well, mostly the men folk) almost every time. And most of the time or sometimes (for the insecure folks) it ain’t ’cause we’re worried BAE’s in a wrong place or doing something wrong at the moment…we just do. Seriously, you be GPS? Who location don epp sef? Ask yourself o.

2. Ask what exactly BAE has eaten…!

Now this one, this one just cracks me up (not in a good way most of the time). I remember when I was “new to the dating world” (chillax, we all were at some point)…

The guy would ask: Have you eaten today?
Me: Yea, I have..
Him: What did you eat?
Me: Huh?? How does that matter?
Him: I just want to know na.
Me: errr…….I ate food.
Him: ??????

Yea.. I was like that. I couldn’t quiet grasp why that info was necessary…How the food take concern you?

3. Ask BAE, did you miss me today?


If I say YES, na wahala. If I say NO, I don die.

Ladies..ladies..ladies… sometimes I wonder what we hope to hear when we actually ask this question. Seriously, wetin we dey find? If he says yes, next thing is; but you only called once.  If he says NO…….. #sighs…You are in..I mean, in for it. We just say ok wahala, but bruva, you are IN FOR IT!!! As in, IN IT FOR REAL MEHN.

4. Pick a fight just to get attention

Ladieeees……!! Common now, don’t get mad, I just had to say this one. We all do it. Say BAE hasn’t called in a while, (a while could be hours or days, depends on how you ‘run your affairs’) or you ‘feel’ he’s been ‘far away’, rather than just come all out and just say; babe, I think you’ve been distant and I need your head (and heart) back where it belongs…with me, we instead, pick a fight over something, anything at all, then we get him to apologise, we say sorry too and then we say all the sweets words and make up and there…..the man is back home! I have absolutely no idea why I do this… did I say I? I meant we, yes, we..we all do this.

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5. Err…

So, there it is, my random thoughts… The above mentioned, when taken to the extreme, could put our relationships in much danger. But then, we can’t just totally KEEP AWAY from them. I mean really, where’s the fun in that? So, here’s the deal, (you know I always wanna make deals with you) we’ll create a balance. Yes. “Not too much” and not “not at all”.

Oh and as you must have noticed, there’s no point number 5. No, I didn’t run out of thoughts..I mean who does??? I left the space for you. I wanna hear your random thoughts about other crazy things people do in a relationship.

So, till next week when we ‘meet’ again again, stay cool and umm, do something sweet for BAE this week. I’ll ask next week ooo.

Hey!! Don’t just close the page!!!! Leave a comment, I wanna hear your thoughts and that of your friend(s) so, share, share, share!

loVe yHu mUNchos…kikikiki

As written by Cynthia Omo

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