Cowrage: Episode 20 [Finale]

“Did you ever think there was a way to escape from me?” J-boy looked vicious. He had Amaka by the scruff of the neck and pushed her back into the dark room.

“I’m here” Sunky announced shamefully, sprawled on the floor. He knew he had not done himself any good, he dreaded what next would hit him from J-boy.

“I saw it in your eyes since the day you brought the little witch here. I knew it was just a matter of time before you satisfy your lustful desire… I am not surprised it has landed you where you are” J-boy moved closer to Sunky, holding a pen-knife.

Sunky, well aware of the danger coming towards him couldn’t help but shiver and beg for his life. “J-boy, I’m very sorry. I didn’t know what came over me. Please forgive me” Sunky was a drowning man, trying hard to get hold of anything in sight.

“You had your chances for forgiveness, but you blew it. I only forgive once, and you know it” J-boy bent over Sunky who was lying on the floor, twisting and turning, hoping to stall J-boy ‘s attempt to stab him.

“I know where to find Tunji” Amaka announced, stopping J-boy halfway into carrying out his intention upon Sunky.

“What did you say?” J-boy turned around, his hands still raised high, holding the pen-knife. Sunky was behind still shivering.

“He’s in Ipetu… I spoke with a couple of minutes ago. He expects me to meet with him there soon.” Amaka went further.

J-boy had a weak smile on his face, and turned back towards Sunky, who had a terrific look on his face. J-boy lowered his hands and in an attempt that looked like he was bound to stab Sunky’s legs, he quickly cut the rope that tied his legs together, and released him. “Get up, we are going to look for that bastard now.”

As they drove out of Fine Touch, Sunky couldn’t believe he had survived. He silently thanked Amaka’s timely intervention and prayed Tunji was found – at least that would make J-boy divert aggressions elsewhere.

“What will you do with Tunji, when you find him” Amaka spoke from the backseat.

“I want my papers, that’s all” J-boy replied. Sunky who was beside him nodded in agreement. Despite knowing J-boy hadn’t said the entire truth, he had to agree just to save his own face, and probably reduce his punishment.

“Are you promising to let him be if he provides your papers?” Amaka queried.

“IF!” J-boy stressed.

“What’s in the paper anyway?”

“Shut your mouth!” Sunky shouted her down.


“Are you sure she’s coming?” Gbade was impatient. He had barely two hours before 7days would elapse. Death was staring at his face.

“Calm your nerves. I have this under control.” Deji played the coach as he tried to park the car somewhere along the road.

The trio – Gbade, Deji and Tunji all alighted from the car and Deji led them to a nearby bush path. After walking a few metres, they settled for a spot. Tunji was tied by the arms, and made to sit on the ground.

Gbade paced about, looking at his watch severally. “God, if this cup can just pass over me, I promise not to thread this path again… Never!” He muttered under his breath as he watched Deji put a call across to Amaka.

Amaka’s phone rang, but the phone was with Sunky.
“That must be Tunji…” She quickly spoke.

Sunky looked at J-boy for orders on what to do with the phone, but Amaka wasn’t willing to wait that long, she continued, “if you want to keep your hopes alive, let me talk to him myself”

J-boy shrugged, and signaled Sunky to pass on the phone to Amaka behind them.

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“Hello” Amaka answered the call.

“Yeah… Amaka. Are you on your way yet?” Tunji responded, Deji held the phone to his left ear.

“Yes, we….I am on my way” Amaka quickly corrected herself, but it was too late.

“We? You and who?” Tunji asked.

“Where will I find you in Ipetu?” Amaka tactically ignored the question.

Tunji was trying to calculate in his head. Caution was key for him. He hoped Amaka wasn’t coming with J-boy or Sunky, that would mean falling ‘from frying pan to fire’ for him.
“Err… Just a few kilometres before OAU pre-degree school, you’ll find a SUV parked on the left side of the road. Stop there and follow the bush path beside the car. I’ll be there waiting.” Tunji explained.

“Alright. We… I’m almost there” Amaka cursed herself for being so careless yet again. She quickly ended the call before Tunji would ask further questions.

“Where are we to find him?’ J-boy asked.

“Keep driving, I’ll show you when we get there.” Amaka retorted.


“You still haven’t told me what you need Amaka for” Tunji challenged Deji.

“That’s none of your business. Just make sure she gets here, and we’ll let you go.” Deji responded, much to the disgust of Gbade who felt like cutting off Tunji’s head.

“I’ll go wherever you plan to take her” Tunji protested.

“You are invited of course.” Deji replied, “but if I were you, I will take the option of going back to school to face my studies and guarantee myself a bright future, rather than waste away for a girl.”

Tunji hated Deji, but he was scared for Amaka. He knew they were up to no good, and he just couldn’t think of a way to get her out of the impending doom that laid in wait for her.

“I think you are right” he spoke. “Amaka betrayed me, she deserves whatever she gets. I loved her deeply, but she chose to continue living a wayward life.”

“Now you are talking.” Deji responded, gushing over Tunji’s words.

“As long as you set me free, I’m fine. Take her wherever you desire.” He submitted. “But, one quick favour please.”

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Gbade who had hitherto been more concerned about time jumped into the discourse, “what?”

“Please let me call my friend to help me tell my lecturer that I’m ill, and therefore I won’t be able to make today’s test.”

Gbade and Deji exchanged glances, and after a few seconds, they seemed to agree with Tunji.

“You have just a minute to say what you have to say” Gbade warned.

Tunji dictated the number while Deji dialled. The number seemed a little familiar to Deji, but he chose to ignore; after all Amaka is almost within his grasp.

“Hello, it’s Tunji… Please help me tell Dr Agbaje I’m seriously ill and admitted in the hospital. I won’t be able to make the test today. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Thanks” in a flash, he ended the call.


J-boy pulled over just behind the parked SUV. He was wondering if Amaka wasn’t leading them into a trap.

“You had better not play games with me. I won’t hesitate to kill you!” He pulled out a pistol from his pigeon hole, as Sunky helped Amaka out of the car.

J-boy was behind them as they followed the trail of the bush path. In a few minutes, they came in sight of the waiting Gbade, Deji and Tunji.

“I see…” Deji smiled, quickly realising what was playing out. “We obviously have what we need, but in different hands.”

“I’m not here to banter words sir” J-boy replied quickly. “I need that boy over there, you can have both these bastards in front of me, if you so wish.” Sunky was shocked, he knew J-boy was never going to forgive him, but he didn’t anticipate he would sell him into unknown hands.

“Good deal… But send me the girl, and I’ll send you the boy.”

“Amaka! Why did you have to bring them to me?” Tunji was enraged.

“I should be asking why you led me to the arms of these ritualists!” Amaka retorted.

“I will never forgive you for this…”

“Neither will I…”

Gbade wasn’t interested in further time wasting, he just wanted to get things done. “Let’s do this deal and leave here quickly.”

J-boy pushed Amaka ahead, just as Deji fulfilled his end of the deal. Sunky was left in the middle.

“I don’t need him, you can keep him” Deji said.

“Well, I don’t need him too…” J-boy fired a shot at Sunky, who went down immediately, lying cold on the floor.

“What did you just do?” Deji was alarmed, just like every other person standing. “You just created attention”

“He was surplus to requirement… ” J-boy replied, unperturbed by what he just did.

“Let’s get out of here quickly” Deji handed Amaka over to Gbade.

“Not so soon!” Gbade announced, “we still have unfinished business”

Deji turned around to see Gbade pointing a gun at him. “What are you talking about?”

“She revealed all to me… I never knew I had a traitor as a friend. You made me father your child, and you even turned a blind eye till she died. You are a callous being”

J-boy and Tunji looked on in astonishment at the scene playing out before them.

“I can explain… Let me just explain…” Deji pleaded.

“I might not make it to Sagat’s place in time, which means I may die… But I have decided not to die alone. We are friends here on earth, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we continue in heaven?”

“No… Not what you think. Let’s settle this amicably… I can…” Deji’s protest ended with just a shot as he dropped to his knees and fell flat on his face.

Gbade pointed the gun towards J-boy, who was alert himself. “Deal done… Let’s go our separate ways without any further shed of blood.”

“You aren’t going anywhere!” Gunshots rattled everywhere and in a matter of seconds, they were surrounded. “Drop your guns and go down on your knees. Failure to comply and I order my boys to shoot you down!” Jude commanded.

They were quietly rounded up, and taken away. While the two corpses were also taken into the Police Van.


What next????

You can just determine that, can’t you?

– Ada got married to Paschal… Papa had no further reasons not to let go of the past. He was given back his job, as the Chief Operating Officer of Nicks&Hampton.

– Gbade died in police custody. Juliet, his wife left his house with Dominic to a place unknown.

– J-boy was sentenced to life imprisonment.

– Amaka and Tunji returned back to school after a torrid time with the Police. Their academics got back on track, but there was no romantic relationship to be between them… Tunji opted for Jumoke instead, but Amaka was able to turn a new leaf and she found another guy later.

All in all… Love is a decision, not just romantic love, but love for one another. Being able to take that decision is COURAGE, choosing to shun love is COWARDICE.

Finding yourself lost in between will definitely go down as COWRAGE. Lol. Forgive my english.

I guess you can explain that situation in Tunji, Amaka, Ada and Paschal’s lives.


Olumide Lawrence

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