COWRAGE: Episode 19

Ada, please try to understand me. I mean no harm” Paschal was alarmed at Ada’s declaration. He was fast losing her even before he had gotten her. And anything would do just to make sure his efforts over the past few weeks wouldn’t go in vain.

His earlier plan was to wait a few more weeks before opening up to Ada about his true identity, he didn’t expect to meet anyone who would uncover his disguise. Papa’s emergence into the scene had disrupted all his plans, and the next thing for him, he thought, was to act fast and smart.

“I don’t know how you would react to what I want to say, considering the fact that we are still trying to get your father on his feet…and also, you are still healing from your last relationship…”

“What has my failed relationship got to do with this?” Ada wasn’t giving him any chance to find an excuse, she just wanted him to speak the truth.

“Ada…” Paschal wasn’t sure if it was the right time to speak. “I met you when I was in search of a partner…a wife; one who would be my companion, one who would love me for me, not for what I have. I had to come down from my pride to find that person.”

Paschal paused, he wanted to decipher if he was making sense, and if it was wise for him to continue speaking. Ada’s silence in rapt attention however urged him to continue.

“I met you just when I was about giving up. I didn’t think it would be you, but after close observations I had to do what I did. I don’t want to sound selfish, but I was quite happy it didn’t work out between you and Ben, but it’s quite a regret as well to be revealing my true self and my true intentions to you at this time.” Paschal hoped he hadn’t shot himself in the leg with his statement.

“The truth is, I have developed feelings for you, and I want to let it grow into love. I want to be your happiness just as you become my shining light…”

Ada wasn’t going to let him finish his statement. Overwhelmed by Paschal’s revelations, she quickly found herself in his tight embrace.

Papa’s question had an answer of course, but Mama dared not mention it, she preferred to keep it a rhetoric. Mama understood that her husband was hurt; his sack from Nicks&Hampton was the turning point in their family. Everything went from bad to worse for them, up till the point they found themselves at the mercy of the son of the man who had put them in that situation in the first place.

Mama wondered if Paschal would have helped if he originally knew who Papa was, or if he would have even fallen in love with Ada.

“Elizabeth…” Papa startled his wife, “it’s been four years since I left Nicks&Hampton, and this is where we find ourselves today. We may not be rich, but we have our pride. Asking Paschal to marry our daughter would make me look like someone who’s desperate to hang on with the Ilegbinjies. They have gotten rid of me a long time ago, I shouldn’t be seen around them.”

“No Isaac! This is a different case. Paschal found us, we didn’t look for him…”

“But he paid my bills…it would seem he gave me another chance to live and therefore I’m giving him my daughter to show gratitude. In extension, I’m going to be in-laws with people who never really like me sticking around them”

Mama could hardly believe her ears. This wasn’t the husband she had married for thirty years. Papa was speaking in ways she couldn’t understand.

“Would you hold on to a grudge at the expense of your daughter’s happiness…or even at the expense of your own life. Isaac, you amaze me!” Mama couldn’t hold her anger.

“This is not about holding a grudge. This is my pride. I have long forgiven the Ilegbinjies, but I would rather relate with them from a distance than make myself seem like a parasite by handing my daughter to them in marriage.”

Mama didn’t know what else to say. She was really unhappy with the way Papa handled the situation. In all sincerity, she was willing to be in-laws with the Ilegbinjies just for the fact that they are rich enough to take care of Ada. That had been her dream for her daughters; to get married into rich families. Mama knew she had failed with Amaka, she was determined to keep trying for Ada and make her union with Paschal turn out good, even if she hadn’t had the best of times with her eldest daughter.

“I will plead with you to forget about your pride, be grateful that God sent Paschal to help us out. Without him, you’ll probably still be lying on your sick bed, and we would still be scavenging around to pay your medical bills. Ada has always been your favourite daughter, you have always wanted the best for her, and if she thinks Paschal is good for her, please let her go with him. God has a reason for bringing you back with the Ilegbinjies this way” Mama advocated, hoping it would be enough to change her husband’s mind.

Papa was however stubborn, he would have nothing to do with the Ilegbinjies. “I trust Ada, she wouldn’t see Paschal as her happiness. And by the time I explain why Paschal is not good for her, she would see reasons with me”

Paschal appeared in the ward, closely followed by Ada. Mama was happy they had come inside at that moment. She hoped Papa’s heart would be softened by their presence.

“I have explained myself to Ada, and we have decided to be together” Paschal announced, grinning from ear to ear. Ada was hiding her face behind him.

Mama who was just as shocked as her husband chuckled, as all eyes were fixed upon Papa, all ears itching to hear his response.


“Give me a second” Sunky excused himself from Amaka, who couldn’t help but wonder who could be calling her phone. She hoped it wasn’t Tunji, and not any of her family either, she didn’t want to raise any further alarm as they still had Papa’s health to contend with.

Sunky brought out the phone from his pocket as he hurriedly made his way out of the dark room. The caller had no ID, and Sunky smiled to himself believing Tunji was smart enough to conceal his number.

“J-boy, someone finally calls” Sunky announced as soon as J-boy was in sight. He handed over the phone.

J-boy answered the call and waited for the caller to speak, but there was no voice from the other end. After waiting for about thirty seconds, he finally broke silence.

“Who’s this please?”


J-boy smiled and said, “TJ, I know it’s you. I have nothing to do with your lady. Just get me my papers and I’ll let her go in peace… I don’t even need you. Just make my papers available before 8am tomorrow. Failure to comply… I’ll go down hard on her… And I’ll find you.”

Further silence ensued from the line…

“I take it that you got the message. Do what you have to do. Bye.” J-boy ended the call, and handed the phone back to Sunky. “Just pray that coward sends in my document before tomorrow, you won’t be left out of my wrath”

Sunky stood there shaking as J-boy walked out of the room. He cursed himself for believing so much in Tunji and putting himself on the spot for him. He wanted so bad to pay Tunji back for his foolish acts, and the only idea that came to his mind was Amaka.

“If I’m to go down for Tj’s sins, I should at least leave a scar for him to remember” he thought to himself.

He went back into the dark room, and moved towards Amaka.

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“Who was the caller?” She asked.

“Your boyfriend thinks he’s smart. He however forgets that it will take a lot more than being smart to outdo us.” Sunky bent down and was slowly undoing the ropes on Amaka’s legs.

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“What are you talking about?” Amaka was confused and didn’t want to take a wild guess of what Sunky’s next line of action might be, but she wanted to prepare herself for any eventuality.

“You are a very special girl. I wonder why Tunji would choose to leave you at our mercy just for some small paper.” Sunky was done with the rope on Amaka’s legs, and was making his hands towards her jeans.

“What’s this all about?” Amaka was ready to raise an alarm after realising what Sunky was up to. She had her arms tied to her back, and could hardly do anything to resist him.

“Look around you… No one will hear you even at the peak of your voice. If I were you, I’ll just let it go and enjoy it while it lasts…after all, you have been doing this before”

Amaka knew it would be foolhardy to struggle against him with the odds all against her, she was however not going to have sex with him in distress. Sunky was a cute guy, and having sex with him should be enjoyed and not endured.

“Alright Sunky, I’m not fighting you, but please do me the honour of enjoying this with you. I haven’t had sex in a long time, and I wouldn’t want a rough one.” Amaka spoke, quite seductively.

Sunky was taken aback in surprise at Amaka’s will to surrender to him. For a long time, he had always wished he could have her on his bed. And the opportunity was presented to him on a platter of gold. Blood immediately parted with reason in his brain, and went through his spine down to his penis.

In a flash of light, Amaka’s hands were untied and they were kissing passionately. They both seemed so hungry and were almost devouring each other in hot romance. Amaka was indeed a boss in the business as she took over the game from Sunky who was lost in the aura of romance with the girl he had only dreamed of having.

Amaka got on top of Sunky, who was already half naked with his boxer shorts barely hanging around his waist. She grabbed his ‘balls’ and twisted it in such a violent manner that Sunky couldn’t scream. He was left sprawling and groaning in pains as Amaka quickly tied his legs and his left arm to a hanging iron on the wall (Sunky had his right arm clutched hard to his balls) he offered little or no resistance as the pain was to much to bear.

She got into her clothes, picked up her phone which was already on the floor and tiptoed quietly to the door, thinking of the best possible way to leave unnoticed.


“You said Tunji is with these guys, but from what the guy who spoke said, Tunji is not with them. They have someone else, and it appears the person they have is Tunji’s girlfriend.” Jude, the police detective spoke after dropping the phone and making some comments on the paper in front of him.

“Definitely they have Amaka too… Oh my God.” Jumoke was confused. “I think Tunji escaped from them, and that was why they siezed Amaka. Tunji was first missing, and Amaka received a letter supposedly from Tunji asking her to meet him in town. That was the last I saw of her…and why I had to make the report sooner than later.”

“We will have to move in to Fine Touch Hostels to rescue her, but we need to be sure of where Tunji is being kept. His life remains in danger as well.” Kennedy, the second detective added.

“Yes, you are right” Jude conceded. “The trail we did on the call Jumoke received earlier was in Oshogbo. And the caller wanted to speak with Amaka. Don’t you think there’s a connection…considering the coincidence, and the person had to call you”

Jumoke felt uneasy, “He said he’s her uncle…but I have an idea. Let me call the number again and try to inquire what the caller really wanted to tell Amaka” she suggested. “I feel there’s something about the caller, with the way he spoke.”

“You told him you don’t know anyone by that name, remember?” Kennedy chipped in. “Let’s call the number again and have him speak with an Amaka we create.”


Gbade charged towards Deji who looked alarmed, his eyes were deeply red and he seemed like he was ready to murder someone.

“Don’t make me kill you!” Gbade gripped Tunji by the neck, much to the relief of Deji who thought for a minute that Gbade was coming for him. “Give me the number to call now or I’ll do what’s on my mind” Gbade brought out a sharp dagger from his pocket. “I’ll slit your wrist and watch you die slowly”

Tunji was terrified. It had become more serious than he thought it would be. The wise thing to do to save himself first was to give them Amaka’s number and hope there would be a way to save her too.

Tunji’s phone rang at that moment, and Deji quickly hushed Gbade to a halt and utmost silence in order to answer the call.

“Amaka is calling” Deji announced with gusto.

“Hello” the voice from the other end was distressful. “Tunji where are you?”

Deji calmly placed the phone on loudspeaker, Gbade had the dagger on Tunji’s wrist, with a warning look that meant that he must co-operate.

“Hello Amaka” Tunji responded softly.

“Where have you been hiding? Sunky and his friend have been looking for you. What papers of their do you have with you? I need to see you…where are you?” Amaka couldn’t hold her breath for a second.

Tunji was not sure of what to say. He knew the mean men in front of him wanted her, and they wanted to get her through him. He wanted to warn Amaka to run for dear life and call the police, but he didn’t even know where the police would find him if they were to rescue him, as he did not know where they were keeping him.

He looked at Deji to ask a clue of what to tell Amaka, and Deji whispered “Ipetu”

“I’m at Ipetu” Tunji replied Amaka.

“What are you doing there?”


“Answer me” Amaka was impatient.

“Come to Ipetu… We’ll talk when you come” Tunji was following Deji’s orders.

“Send me the address and directions quickly, I need to leave here as soon as possible. There’s a lot I want to tell you.”

“I’ll do that now” Tunji answered, and Deji ended the call.

“We’ll have her in a few hours” Deji declared victoriously and gave Gbade a warm hug of relief.

Amaka was in J-boy’s living room after making sure he wasn’t anywhere in the whole apartment. Sunky was already tied in the dark room, and the only thing on her mind was how to get to Ipetumodu to see Tunji.

As she yanked the door open to rush out, there was someone waiting… And smiling back at her.

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Olumide Lawrence.

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