COWRAGE: Episode 15

Gbade wasn’t sure he heard Deji right the first time, but he knew Deji was capable of doing just about anything. The last thing he wanted was to create attention by doing anything rash, “I don’t quite get what you mean… I hope you are not up to something irrational?” He asked.

Deji didn’t give a response, he just kept on driving slowly, looking left and right as if he was sight-seeing around campus. After a few minutes, they were outside the campus gate and Deji finally spoke.

“It’s quite obvious that your fears have been confirmed. The girl suspects something and she’s on the run. But you also understand the implication of her remaining elusive. After tonight, you have just three days more.” Deji paused and looked at Gbade to confirm if the message sank into his brain.

Gbade heaved a deep sigh and shook his head. He was in a tight corner. The only person who seemed to have the kind of gut he needed to get out of trouble was Deji. “What do you advise we do?”

“Gbade, desperate situations demand desperate measures… If she knows how to hide, we must know how to seek her… We don’t have much time.” Deji responded.

“Question is, how do we find her? She’s in the midst of over 20,000 students in the school. What magic will you employ to bring her out?”

“Gbade.” Deji called, “if you want to catch a fish, what do you attach to your hook?”

Another deep breathe from Gbade was enough to tell Deji that there was still a lot to be done to toughen his friend.

“I have decided to go and see my daughter. She needs me to live, and I can’t afford to let her die, even if I will die.” Gbade added moments later. Deji remained silent however and just kept on driving, and this time, he was on top speed as though he were heading for a crash.


Amaka was every bit happy to see Tunji. She hastened up her make-up in order not to keep him waiting for too long. After about ten minutes of setting herself right, she prompted him and they were set to leave.

They were however stopped on their tracks by a knock on the door.

“Who’s that?” A roommate answered quickly.

“Its Ngozi” the voice behind the door replied.

Of course, Ngozi was not a welcomed visitor for Amaka at the moment. In fact, she was a dangerous visitor. Being her lousy self, there was a 90 percent chance that she would have blabbed about the whole Osogbo trip – a secret Amaka was trying to keep away from Tunji.

Amaka was tempted to ask her roommate to say she wasn’t in the room, but Ngozi had opened the door already.

“Amaka! How far? Thank God say I meet you for room sef. Biko, we get yarn ooo”

Amaka was a bit fidgety, but she tried to approach the situation as calmly as she could.

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“Really? I hope say na money yarn sha? Me I no dey do free work or rubbish work again oo,” she answered, trying to send messages through her eyes to Ngozi that she wasn’t ready for any gist at that moment.

“You know say na money matter go everly bring me come your room at this time of the night.” Ngozi acted as though she didn’t understand what her friend was saying. She kept on talking, “Hello Tunji. Hope you are good?”

“Yea, I’m fine. Thank you. Hope you are fine too?” Tunji responded coyly.

“Always gallant!” Ngozi answered and turned to her friend, “Amaka! Amaka! Amaka! They were around ooo. They left just a couple of minutes ago. And you won’t believe what they told me about you…”

Amaka was shivering with cold from within, she felt like beheading Ngozi and shutting her up forever. But her friend wouldn’t bulge, she went on.

“Anyways, they plan to come back tomorrow. Hopefully you would have changed your mind and accept this once in a lifetime opportunity…”

“Err… Its alright, I have heard you” Amaka quickly stopped her short, “as you can see, I was on my way out when you stepped in. We’ll talk about all this later because in all sincerity, I don’t have the tiniest clue of what you are talking about.”

Amaka hastily dragged Tunji out of the room and banged the door behind her.

As they descended the stairs, Tunji quizzed, “what was your friend talking about in the room?”

“You heard me when I mentioned that I don’t have a clue of what she was talking about. Ngozi is like that, loud and always talking in strange tones. Don’t mind her.” Amaka responded hoping that would be enough explanation for Tunji.

“If you say so… I believe you” Tunji said under his breath. “I would love to know about your trip to Osogbo anyway.”

Amaka stopped. She knew she won’t hide forever, but she couldn’t also come out with the whole truth to Tunji, else her relationship with him will be in total jeopardy. She quickly figured out a fictitious story to tell him.

“I will tell you dear. Let’s just leave here” she answered and continued walking.

As they walked past White House, they bumped into Sunky, who was also walking with a lady by his side.

“Hullo lovebirds” Sunky teased.

“Boss! What’s good?” Tunji responded and also greeted the lady beside sunky.

“I’m okay. Just heading towards AngloMoz. I’m meeting someone there.”

“Okay then, we are also going to academics.” Tunji answered and continued walking away with Amaka.


“Tj… Pls come” Sunky called.

Tunji excused himself from Amaka and walked briskly back to Sunky who by then had already kept a distance from his own girl.

“Wetin you still dey do with that babe?”

“Nothing much. She came back to campus today and we are hanging out. Need to know a few things from her.”

“Hmm… I hope you know what you are doing? Don’t let her jeopardize the job you have at hand. J-boy won’t take it likely.” Sunky warned.

“Forget that one. Amaka is on one side, my work is on another. Besides if there’s going to be a clash of duty, I know what to do.”

“I hope you really know what to do. Cos I believe that girl won’t do you any good, especially now that you really need focus.”

Those words hurt Tunji. He felt like slapping Sunky, but the likely aftermath was enough to restrain him from doing so. His lips and tongue were not to be restrained though.

“Oh really? You think she’s the one to make me lack focus. Very funny. Staying up all night to scam a man off $2million is what will keep me focused yeah? I’m a man, and I know what I’m doing. You can’t dictate how I live my life and do my thing. See you bro.” Tunji walked away from Sunky and continued on his walk with Amaka.

Sunky’s ego had been bruised. He cursed under his breath and also continued with his lady.

“You look worried, any problem?” Amaka asked after a few minutes.

“Yes and No. But it’s alright” Tunji replied.

“You know it’s not alright until you tell me.”

“Yea, I will tell you… Everything.” Tunji resolved to open up to Amaka. There was no hiding. He also decided to quit working for J-boy and Sunky. After all, he wouldn’t be killed, he would only be tortured like Peter. And if it got worse, Amaka will be at alert to call the police.

They both finally settled at BOOA. After a few minutes, Amaka broke the silence.

“Now tell me what the problem is.”

“You were supposed to tell me about the osogbo trip first…” Tunji was interrupted by a loud voice from outside the hall. It was Jumoke calling him.

“Hey Jummy. How are you?” Tunji rose up to meet her halfway.

“I’m very fine” Jummy was obviously looking excited. “I have good news” she announced.

“Tell me about it”

“The list of beneficiaries for the shell scholarship is out! My name is there!”

“Wow! Great. I’m so happy for you. We have to celebrate this.” Tunji responded.

“Look at you, so you haven’t gone to check faculty notice board?”

“No, I’ve just heard the news.”

“Your name is the first on the list!”


It was 2:15 in the morning. Young Jessica was asleep, now breathing steadily after a tumultuous evening with the doctor and nurses when she twice suffered convulsion. Juliet, her mother was not asleep. Her eyes were passionately fixed upon the innocent sleeping face of her daughter. She was ensuring her daughter was alright with every passing second. Patience, her friend was also fast asleep. She had been with Juliet all through.

After a while, nature began to take it’s toll on Juliet, and she started dozing in bits. She opened her eyes to notice the irregular breathing pattern of Jessica and quickly raised an alarm.

The nurses in duty rushed into the ward and were suddenly all over the place trying to attend to the poor girl. Pat was asked to take Juliet out of the ward in order to calm her down while the doctor in duty was called upon.

Several minutes passed by, nurses were going in and out of the word and none said a word to the waiting duo of Juliet and Patience.

Juliet called her husband’s number and he answered almost as soon as it rang, saying he was already on the 3rd mainland bridge and would be on the island soon. That bit of information, though surprising, was enough to calm Juliet’s nerves for a while.

It was gradually approaching an hour since the doctor entered the ward, and anxiety mixed with deep fear began to set in for Juliet and her friend. The nurses had reduced in number, and they just kept on saying ‘she’ll be fine’,they were only coming out of the ward, none was going back inside.

Finally, the doctor stepped out. He adjusted his glasses as he approached the two women.

“How’s my daughter now?” Juliet asked.

But the reluctance and the shaky voice of the doctor prompted Patience to run inside the ward. She let out a loud scream and Juliet slumped immediately.

Nurses rushed to help her up and take her into the ward just as Gbade emerged the hospital building.

To Be Continued Next Week………..

Olumide Lawrence

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