COWRAGE: Episode 14

“He ended the call” Juliet looked aghast, with the phone still pressed tightly to her left ear. “He didn’t even say a word, Pat what’s happening to my husband?”

Patience who sat with her at the hospital lobby was just as confused and she found it hard to believe that Gbade would ignore such a distress call.

“It can’t be. The network could have been the problem. Let’s try again” she said, trying to help the failing strength of her friend.

Juliet lazily dialled the number again, and after several rings there was no response from the other end. “I told you, he heard me the first time” she totally lost it and burst into tears, much to the embarrassment of Pat who tried to console her and keep her voice down. “He’s probably still angry at me, and he thinks I’m making all this up just to get his attention”

“You have to stop making up all these strange ideas in your head, it would only lead into more problems when there’s none. I won’t be surprised if he shows up anytime soon” Pat gave one more attempt to encourage Juliet. “Right now, what should be our major focus is to make sure Jessica is alright. Let’s wait till the doctor is through with her.”

“Pat, I’m afraid… I’m really scared. Nothing must go wrong with my daughter. Gbade will kill me.” Juliet let out another loud wail and this time Patience couldn’t hide her frustration as she withdrew from consoling her and sat back, watching her wail.

The doctor soon appeared, and the look on her face didn’t give any hint of a good news. In a matter of seconds, Pat and Juliet ran straight to her.

“How’s my daughter? What is her condition now?…” Juliet asked, shaken

The doctor didn’t say a word, she beckoned both women to follow her into her office.

“Madam, you have to be calm. Your daughter is stable now. But I must let you know that she has lost a lot of blood, and we need to get her more blood as soon as possible but unfortunately, our blood bank is currently short of blood. I would advise you let us examine your blood group to see if it matches that of your daughter’s. I’m afraid her situation might get critical if we don’t do something quickly.” The doctor announced as they settled into the office.

Without wasting time, Juliet had her blood tested. Patience went with her too hoping she could help donate blood if the need arose. Within a few minutes, the results were released, but neither Pat nor Juliet had her blood group matching Jessica’s.

“Where’s her father?” The doctor inquired.

“He travelled. He won’t be back anytime soon” Juliet answered quickly.

“That’s serious. You might need to look for someone with the same blood group as your daughter’s if your husband is not returning soon.”

Juliet frantically picked up her phone, dialling Gbade’s number repeatedly despite lack of response from the other end.


Ada was still yet to recover from the shock of what she had experienced in Lagos with Benjamin. He was resolute, not even her slump was enough to make him change his mind from breaking up.

As she returned to her parents in Ibadan, she could not stop blaming her mother for her predicament with Ben. So many thoughts went through her head and she finally remembered her sister, Amaka was also in a precarious situation which of course had been channelled by Mama’s deficiencies as a mother. She resolved to stop Mama’s influence on her and Amaka henceforth.

Uche and Mama were at the hospital when Ada arrived. Papa’s surgery had commenced, and they had both been there to see to his needs.

“Welcome my daughter, how was your trip?” Mama asked.

“Fine Mama. How’s Papa?”

Uche cut in, “He’s still in the operating ward, he should be out in two hours”

“Oh…okay.” Ada settled on a seat and tried to put her bag in order.

“You don’t look alright, is anything the problem?” Uche asked.

The surprised Ada responded, “I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“Your face looks swollen. Have you been crying?” Uche stood from his seat, and moved to Ada.

Mama also became concerned and moved towards her daughter. “Adamma. What happened to you in Lagos?”

At that point, Ada could no longer hide her feelings. Tears dropped freely on her cheeks. “Ben broke up with me.” She announced amidst sobs.

“He broke up?” Mama reiterated and burst into a derisive laughter. “I saw it coming. He was never up to any good. He had only been using you all these while. I warned you severally but you wouldn’t listen, see where your stubbornness has landed you.”

Ada’s sorrow was gradually turning into anger at her mother’s words. She shot her mother a wicked look, hoping that would make her stop talking but Mama was oblivious to the warning signs. She however continued speaking.

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“He had nothing to offer you. He was just a miserable pauper. He could hardly take care of himself, let alone take care of you or your family. You can’t compare yourself to your sister when it comes to ….”

At that point, Ada could bear no more. She stood up and screamed “SHUT UP” at her mother. She was so loud that the whole hospital heard her and people were coming from all over to know what was happening.

She was breathing hard, she had a fiery look on her face and seemed poised to do anything to Mama if one more word came forth from her lips.

Uche gently held her arms and whispered a soft “calm down Adamma” into her ears. Mama was rooted to a spot, she couldn’t believe her own eyes. Uche led Ada away from her as the growing spectators began to find their way back to where they came from.

Ada broke into tears as Uche led her outside the hospital. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry” was all she could mutter.


“Babe, you no try at all o, see when you just dey show.” Ngozi was not looking very happy to see Amaka. She had been expecting her for hours. Amaka only showed up at a few minutes past six in the evening.

“I’m so sorry. No vex, I had to put some things in order.” Amaka placated. “I’m here now, oya give me your own gist before I give you my own.”

Ngozi’s anger abated immediately and metamorphosed into excitement. “Guess what?” She asked.

“You don get belle” Amaka retorted sarcastically.

“Mstcheew. Get serious for once joor” Ngozi didn’t enjoy the joke.

“I can’t guess. Tell me if you will.”

“Alright. We can be N700,000 richer within the next three to four days!” Ngozi announced with all the life in her.

“Really? Are we winning a lottery?”

“This is more than a lottery dearie. Chief Deji called me in the afternoon. He said he’s coming back to take us, and this time he’ll pay N700k!”

Ngozi expected her friend to jump up and shout for joy, but Amaka only looked at her from head to toe and shook her head.


“Wetin be dat one na?” Ngozi asked in total confusion.

“I dey try observe wetin remain for your body wey N700k fit buy.” Amaka responded. “Look here, I’m not going anywhere with you. I have had enough of this business. My piece of advice to you is that you should be very careful, especially with that Chief Deji and his friend. I think they are up to something fetish.”

Ngozi looked at her friend in disgust and thought to herself “see this babe ooo, you wan use your sandsand spoil my garri”, she hissed loudly and said, “Amaka! When did they become fetish? How did you know?”

“Are you blind or dumb?” Amaka was amazed at her friend’s insensitivity, “didn’t you notice any strange things when you spent the night with him?

Ngozi shook her head to say no.

Amaka went on, “okay, how do you explain the incidence that happened after I left?”

Ngozi again had no response.

“If I were you, I’ll go and seek spiritual help. I know what I saw, and what I observed. As for me, I’m through with this shit. I have found love, and I’ll change my ways. If you are interested in N700k, you can go with them. Count me out!” Amaka stood up and made for the door. “A word is enough for the wise. I’ll see you later.” She closed the door behind her as she left the room, leaving Ngozi with a moronic look on her face.


“Look here Gbade, I’m not against you taking care of your daughter. But the situation here is dangerous for you. We need that Amaka girl more than any other thing now. Your daughter is only sick, she’ll be treated in a hospital and will be fine in no time. As for you, there’s just a few days left for you to be alive if Amaka remains elusive. It’s why I want us to channel all our efforts towards getting her.” Deji explained calmly as they drove towards Obafemi Awolowo University’s gate.

Gbade had never been more confused all his life. To him, he believed seeing his wife would solve half of his problem, he was suddenly missing her and had the urge to see her – something he hadn’t felt for years. But Deji would have none of it, he was the master planner, he believed he knew the way out of every trouble. Gbade had no say, he just wanted to follow suit. If Amaka is gotten, he would still have time to dash home to see his precious wife and daughter. He was sober and very sorry for what he had done to them, and was willing to put things right;he resolved to confessing his misdemeanours to his wife, if he could just pull through the situation he found himself.

Gbade’s phone had been on silent mode since Deji received Juliet’s call. But the phone caught his attention once again when a text message came in. This time, Gbade didn’t need Deji’s permission to read the text message.

Juliet had used Pat’s number to send a text message which detailed the whole situation. Gbade read the message and almost jumped out of the car in motion.

“What the hell is wrong with you Gbade!” Deji was angry, as he quickly pulled over.

“Look at this!” Gbade gave the phone to Deji, “read it yourself. You said my daughter was ill, you didn’t tell me it was critical. She needs blood, and my presence is also needed.”

Deji read the text message and looked at his friend. “So you want to leave now?” He asked.

“Yes of course. Its my daughter we are talking about here.”

“Look in front of you” Deji said. Gbade looked ahead and just a few metres ahead was the school gate. Deji continued, “You have just a few minutes to save your life, or turn back to save your daughter’s… And be rest assured, I’m following you wherever you go.”

Gbade heaved a deep sigh. In total surrender, he asked, “Deji, what do you want me to do?”

Deji smiled, revved the engine and sped off straight towards the gate and into the school.


“You are welcome” Ngozi greeted, as she settled in the back seat of the car.

“What took you so long and where’s your friend?” Deji asked.

“She’s in school, but I don’t know her whereabouts at the moment. She isn’t answering my calls either.”

Gbade looked at Deji immediately and gave him an ‘I told you’ look.

“What do you mean? You promised us you will get her ready” Deji pressed on.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She came to my room around 6pm and was saying jargons about her not interested in seeing you anymore. She said you are fetish…”

Gbade reacted immediately and adjusted on his seat, but Deji scolded him with a quick nudge, without Ngozi noticing.

“…. She said she has found love and was advising me to look for spiritual help”

“That’s enough.” Deji stopped her. There was a long silence in the car, until Gbade turned towards Deji,

“Way forward please”

Ngozi cut in quickly, “let’s go without her, I can always arrange for other girls for you”

Deji wanted to say Amaka was specifically needed, but he cautioned himself and said, “It’s alright if she’s not willing to join us. But I would love to see her just to talk to her and correct the wrong impression she has about us. My friend here likes her very much, and even plans to marry her. I wonder where she came about the fetish things she said to you.”

“Awww. I’ll keep talking to her. I’m sure she’ll come around” Ngozi answered.

“Can you give me her contact?” Gbade asked, and Ngozi dictated Amaka’s phone number.

“Try to talk to her tonight if you see her. We’ll be back tomorrow for both of you” Deji announced.

Ngozi was disappointed that she would have to wait 24hours more, but decided not to make a fuss. She stepped down from the jeep and just as she looked up, she sighted Tunji walking towards Moremi hall. She immediately went to Deji.

“Look ahead… That’s Amaka’s new found love. His name his Tunji. He’s the reason behind her sudden change”

“Really?” Deji said. “Its alright. You do your part, we’ll yet come back tomorrow to know if she has changed her mind.”

Deji gave Ngozi some notes and released her. Deji immediately looked in Gbade’s direction and said, “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

“And what are you pondering?” Gbade asked.

“It’s crunch time!”

To Be Continued Next Week…………………………

Olumide Lawrence

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