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Throwback Confession of a Plantashun Boiz fan

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So I shared a throwback video of Plantashun Boiz’ ‘Knock Me Off’ on my facebook wall, and it drew a lot of nostalgic feeling from my friends on that platform. However, One of my friends Babajide made an interesting confession which was inspired by the video, and I thought to share it with you on a cool Thursday like this. Please enjoy it below.

Confession time: I can’t remember how many Body and Soul (the title of Plantashun Boiz first album) I bought. I keep buying, they keep stealing (borrow me, dem no go return) . You and I, can live, knock me off, don’t you know, were songs with lyrics that I used as gimmicks to help my ignorant classmates toast girls back then.

I was nicknamed minister for women affairs for my abilities to weave out beautiful words. What they didn’t know is that I came up with those words after I must have joined lyrics from different songs off the album, Chai! That girl must fall for whoever paid me to write a love letter.

A teacher once caught me writing. I was scared that I would be punished, but to my surprise, Master Omole took me to an empty hall and asked me to help him compose a letter too. lol.

I soon became well respected all over the school for composing love letter that yielded YES as results from ladies.

That was good side of the story. There was a bad side too.

One of my friends has a kid from secondary school. He got the girl after using my lyrics (which I got from Plantashun Boiz), the girl said yes they did ‘jigbinjigbin’ and it led to a beautiful baby girl. The lady had to drop out, and my friend (father of the baby) struggled to take care of the kid.

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They are doing well now though. The baby is 1o now, but I always feel guilty for being the anchor of the love affair.

In all, I am gladdened by the nostalgic effect this video gave me. I remember Plantashun Boiz’ second album which sold out with classic songs like ‘Only You’, ‘One and Only’ ‘PLAN B’, ‘Say Your Believe’, ‘Like Her Better’, ‘Ocean of Passion’, ‘Rather Be’, and others.
The Nigeria Music Industry doesn’t have much lyrical content anymore. I still miss these guys.

Uncle Olumide, thanks for this epic throw back.



Interesting confession if you ask me. It at least reminds us of the good old days when we had songs with beautiful and life impacting lyrics. Can we still boast of same today? Let us know any recent Naija song that has impacted you.


Watch the video here:

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