competition became the love of my life
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She was my greatest competition, now she is the love of my life

When I received this story, I was left with my mouth wide open after reading it. I hope you have your mouths agape too after digesting this beautiful story of how Pius and his sweetheart made the transit from a fierce classroom competition to fierce lovers who won’t just let go.

And oh yes, I learnt something new… Love has a new attribute, it can be very stubborn!

Enjoy the story:

By December 15th, we will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary, and each passing year reminds me of how we have stubbornly carried on despite all the odds. Every day I spend with Wunmi re-assures me that love is stronger than everything else. What started as a competition has turned to a daily blissful experience with the love of my life.

Our story started when we were in the University of Ilorin. We led the class from our first year, and there was a silent but fierce struggle between us to impose oneself over the other. My father (of blessed memory) always made me realize as a young boy never to allow a woman outrun or best me in any situation. He taught me to always prove myself better than a woman and that was in my subconscious when Wunmi was trying everything within her means to trump me in class.

Our initial silent competition soon became common knowledge of members of the class, as we always attempted to go the extra mile just to score the highest in a test, or get the best score in an assignment. The Examination hall was our toughest battle field, we were usually among the last set of people to submit; trying to pour out everything we had read just to make sure we get those extra points to emerge the highest.

When we had group projects, it became a war that almost divided the class to two. Members of groups acted as spies into what the other group was doing and it soon became a dirty affair that led to fist-cuffs among some students. All these happened because of two people; Wunmi and I.

We enjoyed the competition, but we never said a word to each other. We made the habit of consciously and unconsciously avoiding each other that the rivalry soon got to the lecturers. We had lecturers in favour of either of us and kinda trying to help one get over the other.


Interestingly, we were on the same GPA. What we mostly fought for was the highest score in a particular course in order to have ‘bragging rights’. But it was nothing short of an embarrassment if one of us gets an A and the other gets a B. We had that a couple of times and the experience was awful.

The defining moment came when Wunmi scored a C in a particular course while I had a B – an escape B. I scored 60 while she scored 58. She was in rage and she audaciously confronted the lecturer in charge of the course with the accusation that he favoured me over her. The embarrassed lecturer reported the case to the H.O.D who then invite us both to her office and talk sense into our heads.

In her final words she said, “I can’t afford to have two of my best students at loggerheads, both of you should grow up and sort yourselves out”

Those words were enough to get us thinking. I waited a few days hoping she would approach me to start a conversation and put an end to our rivalry, but she remained stubborn. I had to put aside my ego and sit beside her in the library. She was surprised, but she smiled and asked “To what do I owe this surprise?”

Our first few exchanges were awkward, but we soon adjusted and within a semester, had gotten fond of each other. In total contrast to what used to be, we did most things together and put aside our rivalry.

Now, we are married, and I couldn’t have made a better choice.

– Pius. E

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