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Make A Choice: The Full Housewife or The Working Wife?

Today, we are not doing the usual ‘Opinion Poll’, we have decided to do something different and we call this a ‘Preference poll’. It is not just about your opinion, it is about your preference, and it is specifically for the ladies.

Which of the following would you rather be:

*A Full housewife with 100,000 basic salary, wardrobe and food allowance, and one ‘family’ car.

*A Working wife with 68,000 salary, and one official car.

Be sincere o.



Oluwapelumi Awotedu says Eh eh eh! Who pays who? Who collects N68000? Am I seeing opinion poll? How much do they pay Nigerian workers? You wan dey trek go work? You no go chop at all or buy anything? O, maybe the money can be paid from stolen money?

Ademulegun Olowojoba says for a man to offer his wife such benefits, the woman is not a full housewife. The woman must be offering huge value to the man or his organization. The fact that may be she spends bulk of the time at home doesn’t doesn’t mean she isn’t working. Men are not ATM Machines, there must be a ROI, for a husband to keep doing that much means the wife offers great value in return if not, it is not sustainable.

Ayomide Adex says As much as I don’t buy the idea of being a full housewife, l wouldn’t mind being one with these listed benefit. Mind you, not without setting myself up with a business

Adejola Adewole says job is better, as yoruba proverb says: Ise logun Ise, Ise la fin d’eni giga. There’s dignity and honor in working. you will be more exposed, add to your C.V in your working experience. God forbid bad thing, what if the man loses his job or even dies suddenly? Where will the income for sustaining the family come from? the brain is like an engine that need to be active not to wear off, u need to refresh yourself. Even for the In-law side they will tag the woman as a lady being “OLE D’ARUN”

Chy Sophy Prince says The benefit of human interaction and stimulation in a cooperate environment can not be “Priced”. I will rather be challenged mentally in a work place anytime

Judith Omovrah says I will go for the job…. We don’t really work because of the money but just for the joy of working

Ebenezer Diyaolu says It was in the past that full house wife was a celebrated ‘profession’ .Anyone that tries that now will become a ‘fool house wife’. There is dignity in labour.

You can also have your say in the comments section below.



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  1. Oh buoy! Sm really tempting offers for d full house wife o. But den again wot will she do at home all day dan to watch African Magic. Gv me a working class woman Jo, d pay may not be much but she sure gonna be busy mentally and socially

    • Thanks Fash for the comment. Have you also considered what it will take a working class lady to take care of the children? The presence of a mother is not negotiable in the life of the children. What do you think about that?

  2. I will rather go with the job option cos, I love to exercise my brain. what do I want to be doing at home all day. fine taking care of the kids and house then what? won’t the kids go to school?
    God forbids if the husband business crashes then what?
    it not about the money.

  3. I don’t want to be a full house wife for any reason and definitely not for the money.
    I am the working wife.

    Am I working just because of the money? No, I am working because it is part of what gives me relevance.
    My work is in sync with my purpose, so telling me to sit at home just because you want to just pay me is an insult to my God who created me and gave me a purpose and a mandate to fulfill.

  4. @admin, true that…and that is one thing I wish for..for my wife to have a flexible job so she can have time for the kids too, cuz I HATE d idea of a house maid. But then I wld want her to put her education to some good use

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