How to choose matching shoes

How to choose matching shoes for any occasion


Women often get a bad rap for having a shoe obsession. However, with all of the endless styles and colors to choose from, who can blame a woman for having her closet stacked from top to bottom with shoes? These tips will teach you to select shoes to wear with an outfit no matter what the color, purpose or season.

Tips and Warnings

1. Choose shoe colors that match your clothes instead of colors that compete with your clothes. Wear simple black heels when wearing a dress with a bright, bold pattern. Consider neutral heels or flats if you have on a sparkly evening top.

2. Add zest to a plain outfit by wearing brighter shoes. Add a pop of color by pairing a red heel with a black or brown dress. Try a dressy shoe with a funky pattern, like alligator skin, if you have on a simple blouse and neutral trousers or jeans.

3. Tone in on a color found in your clothing if you’re wearing a multi-colored outfit. For instance, if you have on a blouse with a geometric pattern including the colors purple and pink, consider a deep purple shoe.

4. Avoid strict color matching. Do not wear one solid color from head to toe. If you have on a blue blouse and a blue skirt, avoid wearing blue shoes.

5. Consider different shades. If you have a light pink blouse on, try wearing a rose-colored flat or heel instead of a shoe in the same shade of pink.

6. Select standard colors for professional settings. Wear brown and black leather shoes at a conservative office. Incorporate color only if you have a less strict office with a corporate casual dress code

7. Three inch heels may look impressive, but if you are unable to walk around in them, the good impression is gone. Stick to shoes that make you feel comfortable and confident to make the most out of any look.

8. Measure your shoe size and shop for shoes late in the day. Your feet swell as the day goes on, so you’ll want to choose shoes that will fit at any time of day.

Selecting Heels

  • Pair heels with clothing that already helps elongate your leg, such as pencil skirts and slim pants. High heels  creates the illusion of further length, making your legs look even more slender and attractive.
  • Avoid heels with ankle straps or T-straps if you have short legs. Straps also have a tendency to cut off the leg, making it look short.
  • Avoid heels that are more than four inches tall if you have short legs. Ultra high heels make the calf muscle flex more, which leaves your leg looking less slender.
  • Try wearing your heels with casual clothes to add a touch of style to your everyday wear. Throw on a pair of stilettos with your jeans and fitted t-shirt to give the outfit an automatic style boost.
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Selecting Sandals

  • Select a pair of low-heeled sandals for a versatile, feminine look. Wear low-heeled sandals with virtually any skirt length or pant length.
  • Consider a pair of strappy, high-heeled sandals the next time you wear your little black dress or similar evening wear. Higher heeled sandals make your legs look especially long, thanks to both the heel height and the extra skin showing on the top of your foot.
  • Save flip-flops for short-term casual settings. Limit them to the beach or, if necessary, for running errands.
  • Wear walking sandals with casual outfits. Shorts, capri pants, and some dress-down sundresses work with walking sandals, but avoid wearing them with dressier clothes.
  • Use heeled-sandals to make casual clothes look a little nicer. For instance, try matching a pair of kitten-heel sandals with a casual denim skirt and fitted blouse to make the outfit a little dressier.

Selecting Flats

  • Wear flats with knee-length or above-the-knee skirts or capri pants
  • Avoid flats with long skirts. In many cases, though not all, flats worn with maxi-skirts can make a woman look dowdy.
  • If you do wear ballet flats with mid- to maxi-skirts, consider a less-than-flat ballet flat with a slightly elevated heel.
  • Select a pair of decorative flats to dress an outfit up. Select a pair of less decorative flats for casual occasions.
  • Also avoid flats with skinny pants unless you have narrow hips. Otherwise, you risk making your legs look disproportionate.
  • Avoid casual flats at the office or in other professional settings. You may choose a formal style, such as a simple flat made of black or brown leather.

Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable with what you wear. Be adventurous and take the risks you want to take, but don’t go farther than what you feel is sensible for the situation.

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